How to Drift Off to Bed Fast

Before Bedtime Tips. How to drift off to bed fast the natural way.

Sleep like a baby – by Kaye TM

Having sleepless nights? Do you experience that feeling when you can’t sleep? Insomnia is a disorder where a person has persistent difficulty to fall asleep. But it doesn’t always mean that you have insomnia. But also when you lack sleep, the next bedtime hour would be very difficult for you to drift off to bed fast.

Let’s go the natural way. No sleeping pills! They are very addictive and you need a doctor’s prescription to have one pill.

Here’s some bedtime tips:

1. Room manipulation. The best time to sleep is at night, because it’s dark and very quiet. Lights off or dim your lights to your preference. Red, green and blue wavelengths of light are perfect for your eyes during sleep. When you need a sleep during the day, put down your dark curtains and use eye covers. Others use ear stopples to reduce noise

2. Read. Ever wonder why a child loves bedtime stories?  A child tends to focus on something on that story.

3. Meditate and clear you mind. Think of nothing but sleep! On your most comfortable position, induce your mind to sleep like, “I’m in bed now. Feel yourself sinking in. Do not count sheep because they work out your mind. Think of something very calming and not what you did the whole day at work. All you have to do is relax your mind.

4. Listening to slow relaxing music. Babies fall asleep with this, so sleep like a baby!

5. Foods/drinks that make you sleep.

  • The first thing that comes to your mind is to drink warm milk.
  • The second thing that pops out in your mind is beer or alcohol.   But this will just interrupt your good night’s sleep because they disturb the stages of sleep. Plus, you’ll wake up in the morning having a hangover or a slight headache.
  • Of course, avoid too much coffee, tea or soda. They are nervous system stimulants that energize your brain.
  • Limit water intake 4 hours before falling asleep. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night going to the bathroom.
  • Eat a small snack hours before you sleep. Don’t go to bed hungry.
  • Do not change your bedtime ritual. Sleep on time and wake up on time. This was your body got used to. Your body will have difficulty in adjusting to a new change.

When this problem becomes frequent, then you should go see the doctor. It is a major problem when difficulty falling asleep is already bothering you and your activities of daily living like your work, studies or when fun moments turn to stressful times.

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  1. I have this insomnia, and hard to get rid off. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Good tips! Reading or music works for me at night.

  3. very well written

  4. Excellent tips, especially in this mechanical world where sleep is put behind watching TV and going to pubs :)

  5. Great tips, mate! Speaking of which, I miss my teddy… :D

  6. Thanks – sometimes I need this too. It’s hard to turn off the day and relax.

  7. These are excellent tips. A good share :)

  8. Great suggestions!

  9. thanks a ton ///

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