How to Exercise Angina Away

This article will show you tips on how to exercise angina away!

Lots of angina patients like to sell themselves on the notion that exercise is out of the question because it exerts the heart, and since exertion brings on angina, exercise should be avoided. This just isn’t so. There is a popular story of a group of angina patients awaiting heart transplants who were put on an exercise programme to strengthen them for surgery. Over a period of several months, half improved their heart function so much that they no longer needed the surgery. It’s almost routine that when patients start an exercise programme, they will experience angina at the beginning of a session. Angina is not the reason not to exercise. 

But people with angina need to stay attuned to their bodies. If they feel an attack of angina building up, they should know that if they slow down it will dissipate without them having to stop completely.

Why, you may wonder, is exercise so crucial? For one thing, exercise is a proven stress releaser. and it will also help you lose weight. Both stress and counterproductive to heart health. It will also lower your heart rate and reduce your blood pressure, which in turn, will help reduce your need for medication.

Exercise produces these changes because exercise trained muscles can pull more oxygen out of the arterial blood.That decreases the amount of work your heart has to do to pump the same amount of oxygen to the muscles. All doctors agree that exercise alone is alone is no panacea. It takes exercise and diet combined to be effective.

Before you start exercising, consult your doctor and get a stress test. That way you’ll know what your limits is, and you can gain confidence. You have to have a dialogue with your doctor on what you both consider to be tolerable pain and what isn’t. Always be sure to warm up gradually, especially if you’re going out into cold temperatures.

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Oh yeah and one more tip!!

It’s tough and outspoken about the need for angina patients to see the light and make some lifelong lifestyle changes. It a source of major concern for doctors to see patients taking expensive drugs and not make a commitment to modify their lifestyle. Their only going to get angina again. At times we look for quick answers to tough problems. That does not work with angina and heart problems. Remember – there is no gain without pain ;D 

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