How to Get Rid of Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis – one of the most common eye problems around. This article will teach you all about how to get rid of conjunctivitis and to avoid getting it in the future.


Pinkeye- a word we used when we were small that referred to conjunctivitis. Why me? Well, conjunctivitis is caused by the inflammation of the conjunctivitis (the white of the eyes and the inside of the eyelids). There are many types of conjunctivitis: bacterial (caused by bacteria), viral (caused by a virus called adenovirus), chlamydial (caused by an organism called chlamydia trachomatis), allergic (caused by allergic diseases) and reactive conjunctivitis (caused by reaction to a substance that is not good for your eyes).


1)      Redness in one of both eyes

2)      Itchiness in one or both eyes-might be some swelling on eyelid

3)      Mild eye pain – hurts when looking at something for short period of time especially when looking a TV, computer or mobile screen (try to adjust the brightness of the screen)

4)      Gritty feeling- some people complain of a gritty feeling in their eyes like particles of sand.

5)      Eye discharge- People with viral discharge may experience watery discharge that can make their vision blurry and can be uncomfortable because it can irritate some of the delicate tissue around the eye such as the eye bag.

6)      Mucus Discharge: People who suffer from bacterial conjunctivitis may complain about yellow eye discharge that can sometimes be a sticky like substance and sometimes can form hard crusts on the upper and lower eyelashes

Wash the red away:

Remember all those years ago sitting on the end of the bathtub squirming with mum dabbing at your eyes with a warm flannel – well she had the right idea. Dabbing at your eyes with a warm flannel for 5-10 minutes several times a day helps ease the discomfort that conjunctivitis causes. A lot of times conjunctivitis gets better by its self but to help the healing process along you can clean your eyes and eyelids with a cotton bud dipped in sterile water to wipe the crusts away. Remember to not share any flannel of towel that has come in contact with your eyes as conjunctivitis is highly contagious and spread like fire.

Don’t go near a swimming pool without goggles:

Does swimming in a pool leave you seeing pink? The chlorine in swimming pools can cause conjunctivitis. So make sure you wear tight fitting goggles to protect your eyes.

Ice Ice Baby…

If your eye itches like a mosquito bite and you have stringy then it might be a sign of allergy conjunctivitis. Take an over the counter antihistamine and use a cold (not warm) compress it will really relieve the itching.

Use an Antibiotic drug:

Bacterial Conjunctivitis intensifies at night when your eyes are closed that’s why it tends to always get worse in the morning. Get equipped with an antibiotic ointment in your eyes before you get into bed that it prevents crusting.

See a doctor:

 You should make an appointment as soon as possible if your symptoms are getting even worse, the conjunctivitis hasn’t cleared away or your eyesight is deteriorating as it m

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ight be a sign of something serious.

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