How to Get Sick Fast and Easy

Get sick so you skip school or other boring stuff.

You don’t want to get yourself seriously ill so you’ll have to go to the hospital, it’s not worth it. You just want to get a day off. There are many ways and methods to get sick. I will list some of them below.

If it’s cold outside, you can take a shower and go outside lightly dressed with your hair wet for about 15 minutes. This will most likely give you a cold and a fever for a days. You can also go to sleep with an open window and your hair wet if it is cold outside.

It is easy to convince people that you are sick if you vomit. A good way to make yourself puke is to make a disgusting drink like mixing milk and orange juice together, then go to the toilet and stick your finger deep into your throat until you touch your uvula. You will experience nausea and probably throw up.

Catching a virus or a bacteria will give you several days of sickness but it may be unpleasant. Places where most bacterias are keyboards, doorknobs and the button to flush the toilet. If you lick these places you will get a bacteria in to your system. To catch a virus you should hang around people who are already sick. If you breath in the air they exhale or lick a tissue with their snot you’ll definitely catch a virus.

If everything else fails you can always fake being sick. Complain about a headache and pain in your stomach. Force yourself to cough alot and speak with a sick voice. To fake a fever you can put the thermometer on an oven or get your body heated by doing a few pushups.

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