How to Handle Diabetes Effectively

Diabetes requires immense will power to stay on a disciplined life style and diet. You should understand that your diet control will effectively keep your diabetes at a controlled level.

Today’s fast paced life style has resulted in many drawbacks such as stress, tension and other health related problems like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and many more. Young people also suffer from diabetes, something unheard of twenty years back. It is really sad when one is affected by diabetes at a young age. I am not going into the medical aspect of handling diabetes.

 It can be controlled, not cured. The youngsters lead a sedentary lifestyle with hours spent before the computer. There is virtually no exercise as most of them have a car or a two wheeler. People are averse to walking; they take a car even for nearby shopping. They do not have to move to change TV channels, they have the remote control in their hand. People don’t walk up the stairs, they have the lift.

When a family member is diagnosed having diabetes, it somewhat plays a mild havoc in their family. The doctors diagnosed my husband as having diabetes and I felt so sad for him because he was keen on culinary delight. It was difficult to make him shift to a more bland diet. You must be firm in your diet control as it plays a vital part in controlling diabetes.

Ten important things you should follow.

1. You should control your diet to keep your insulin level normal.

2. Avoid fast food, fried items, and starchy vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam etc.

3. Say’ no’ to ice creams, even the sugar free sweets should be kept aside as this leads to other complications.

4. Fruits like mango, banana, grapes and dates should be turned down.

5. Do not use coconut oil for cooking and you should use less of other oils also.

6. No smoking and abstain from alcohol as this leads to irrevocable handicaps.

7. Avoid eating out because as the food prepared there are high in fat.

8. You should steam cook your vegetables.

9. Fruits like guava, Indian gooseberry and pomegranate are excellent for diabetic control.

10. Walking is the best form of exercise. Walk at least for an hour daily.

I know it is easy to advice but very difficult to follow strict diet. It requires immense will power to stay on a disciplined life style and diet. You should understand that your diet control will effectively keep your diabetes at a controlled level.

Certain foods are said to keep diabetes at bay.

1. Take one big bitter gourd, one onion, one tomato, half teaspoon of cumin powder, pinch of pepper powder and salt to taste. Add one glass of water and pressure cook for ten minutes. Extract the juice through a strainer and drink it.

2. Boil one glass of water with one teaspoon of cumin seeds for ten minutes, strain and drink.

3. Soak one teaspoon of whole fenugreek in curd and have it as a salad with your food.

4. Boil ten to fifteen garlic buds in a glass of milk and drink.

5. Boil few basil leaves with a glass of water, strain and drink.

6. Eat lots of green vegetables, lettuce, and spinach, cabbage and other vegetables rich in high fiber.

 Yoga is said to be very good for diabetic control. Yoga soothes your mind and if learnt through a proper guru it can be a great help in avoiding stress, hyper tension and other disabilities. There is various method of treating diabetes. Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Indian Siddha and the usual Allopathic treatment are the choice available for the diabetic.

You should be very judicious in selecting the best treatment for you. Do not be swayed by what others recommend, as if you keep on changing your mode of treatment the results will be nullified.

Have regular medical check ups. A visit to the ophthalmologist is very important as your eyes tend to get affected by your diabetes. Keep your feet very clean and well maintained. Have a master health check up once a year

Throw away the thought that you are a patient. Many diabetic patients have a long life span if they take care of their diabetes. Have a glucometer handy as it helps you monitor your sugar level regularly. You are as natural as everybody else, and maintaining a stress free life will go long way in handling your diabetes.

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