How to Have Better Looking Eyes in a Few Steps Directions Included

Here are two types of eyes to have that are very easy to create with a few steps.

Eyes that look smokyAmanda Beczner is a makeup artist who says about smoky eyes, “This look is so popular because it emphasizes the the outer cover of the eyes, making your eyes look wider and more elongated.

1. Put on nude, shimmery eye shadow on the brow bone and eyelid such as NYX single eye shadow in pure skin at at $4.99

2. Select a kohl eyeliner that is dark in hue and outline in progressively thicker lines that are near upper and lower lashes. Use Rimmel London Soft Kohl eye pencil in purple passion $3.19

3. Using a cotton swab blot the liner color by elongating it out and up at the outer corners.

4.Pick an eye shadow in a darker color that duplicates your eye liner. Put it on a little bit towards the crease make a gradual lighter shadow L’Oreal infallible eye shadow in perpetual purple $6.99

Do you want doe eyes/ Follow these tips:

Amanda Beczner says doe eyes, “A doe eye lengthens both your upper and lower eyes to create a more useful look. Plus the pastel shadow really makes lashes pop.

1. Put either mint green, sky blue, on petal pink eyeshaadow on the eye lid and brown bone try Milani Runway Eyes wet/dry shadow Girls Luv Pink $6.49

2. To get thicker lashes coat your lash primer above your lower and upper lashes, try Clinique Building Primer $14

3. Cover upper and lower lashes with a fiber mascara which will build up your lashes Maybelline illegal length fiber extensions mascara $8.99

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