How to Interact with a Blind Person?

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A blind person is a person like us. He just can’t see everything like us but they do it with the other way, they feel it. Blind person wants to be treated like anyone else because they are like us. The difference between us is that his eyes are shut down forever. It feels really bad to do things without seeing them. You can just try doing it by shutting your eyes for a little moment and you would know how hard this is. You can open your eyes at anytime but a blind person, can’t do it. Though, lots of us don’t know how to interact with a blind person by avoiding him to feel disrespect.

1. Just feel how it feels to talk to somebody in the dark? Well, when you are talking to him…Behave like he is not blind, he is just as well as yourself.

2. Be kind and do not mention the words “handicap” or “disability”.  A blind person does not want to be treated like a person with special needs of severe autism or something like that because the only difference between a blind person and anyone is else is the ability to see but brain functions are still fully intact.

3. A blind person sometimes takes help of a dog. Never distract the dog, ever not pet the dog.  Just imagine the dog isn’t even there.

4.  Do not try to help a blind person until you get permission. Trying to help without permission makes him feel like a poor blind guy. Be sure that if help is wanted, you will be asked to do.

5. Be specific in explanations and when walking.  Say how many feet ahead steps are and if a railing is off to the right side.  Things like that are helpful without making a blind person feel stupid for being talked to like a child.  Remember a blind person is like a person with eyes permanently shut but not incompetent.  The blind are still completely normal and deserve to be talked to like normal people.

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  1. Thanks for this informative article! People are not trying to make blind people like having disability or something, they just don’t know how to politely interact with them. But hey, your article might help people to realize this. :)

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