How to Low My High Cholesterol Easily?

Are you worried of your high cholesterol level? You can control your cholesterol by simply following some instructions.

Cholesterol is one of the major reasons to cause cardiac problems. Modern life style plays its major role determining one’s cholesterol level. The junk food that we consume, white collar jobs, mechanized exercises etc causes a step increase in body cholesterol level. We all are in a rush to yield our livelihood gets little time to spend for self health.

Exercises such as jogging, running, use of tread mills may hardly reduce cholesterol, but this reduction can also occur for Low Density Cholesterol (LDL) which is very much essential for the body. High Density Cholesterol (HDL) must be reduced since they accumulated in the blood vessels and creates block which reduces bloody supply to heart ultimately leading to cardiac arrest.

LDL actually required by body since they play vital role in fat metabolism, protein synthesis, transformation of impulses, maintaining body temperature and body heat, normal functioning of adipose tissue etc. LDL is easy to burn or metabolize since mechanical exercises can reduce LDL tremendous living the HDL in its high level itself. The HDL causes cardiac problems in spite of all our efforts to check cholesterol level.

Scientific studies have revealed that garlic and ginger juice have enzymes dissolving HDL cholesterol. So it is advisable to include more garlic and ginger juice in daily diet. Apart from this murraya juice and euphorbia juice also proved worthy by controlling high density cholesterol.

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