How to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally in Five Easy Steps

LOWER YOUR CHOLESTRAL naturally, in five easy steps. High cholesterol can be a problem, but natural remedies may help. Read about how to LOWER YOUR CHOLESTEROL naturally, in this article.

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If you need to lower your cholesterol, not to worry. Natural remedies can help. Follow the advice and suggestions of your doctor before use.  A natural remedy that will lower your cholesterol is still a remedy. All natural treatments should be administered with clearence from a medical professional. The following natural remedies can help keep your cholesterol in check:

1. Keep arteries clear with grapefruits

Low-density lipoprotein or LDL cholesterol, can build up and clog arteries if levels are high. If you can tolerate eating one grapefruit daily, LDL cholesterol level can drop by 20%. This one diet change without doing anything else, is effective. Red grapefruit is the better choice. The red color reveals it’s rich supply of antioxidants. Red grapefruit prevents the liver from overproducing fatty LDLs. Check with your doctor before using the grapefruit remedy. Grapefruits can interfere with the effectiveness of heart medications.

2.Munch on pistachios to boost HDL levels

HDL or high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, is good. These levels need to be raised, when trying to lower cholesterol. Pistachios are good for raising HDLs. Eating a few handfuls daily may raise HDLs as high as 11%. Pistachios help the liver do it’s job better. High HDL levels are built up in the liver.

3. Eat frequent meals

Studies prove that folks who eat five to six mini-meals daily, cut “bad” HDL cholesterol by 5%. Eat often but remember mini-meals are smaller servings, not full meals. It’s great to get HDL levels down but you won’t want the burden of weight gain.

4. Stop smoking for good HDLs

Over the course of one month of no smoking, ‘good’ HDL levels can rise an astounding 11%. Everyone knows smoking is unhealthy. An 11% raise of ‘good’  HDLs is outstanding. This is proof positive. If you want to lower cholesterol and you smoke, you’ll have to stop.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast

If you don’t eat breakfast liver functioning is compromised. An empty belly, after fasting all night will cause blood fats to soar. The body needs fuel and sustenance. When deprived, body systems get out of balance.

You can lower your cholesterol. Consult with your doctor as you implement the above tips. Eat grapefruit, eat pistachios, stop smoking, eat mini-meals and don’t skip breakfast. Your heart and liver will love you for it.

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  1. Nice post. i like it

  2. WEll done research and presented well too.

  3. Hi there. Thanks for these good tips. I have a big bowl of grapefruit now and I eat the little prepared cups often. Pistachios, I love, but the price is a little steep to eat handfuls a day. Okay, I also need to stop skipping breakfast. I never heard it put quite that way.

  4. Simple but effective ways to lower bad cholesterol. These tips are helpful to me since I have a high level of bad cholesterol.

  5. A very useful entry. I like the way you have presented otherwise complicated information in an easy to read and understand fashion.

  6. These are very useful tips. A healthy breakfast is always a good way to start the day and doesn’t leave you feeling sluggish by noon.

  7. Nice article, very interesting and informative!

  8. Great tips!

  9. Excellent article. We all need to follow this advice. Thank you.

  10. My husband has high cholesterol and his medication can be very expensive. If only he would follow just one of your suggestions which is to stop smoking, I think he can stop taking the medication but alas it’s a lost cause. He simply refuses to stop smoking because he refuses to believe that smoking can cause high cholesterol.

  11. Exellent advice.

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