How to Manage Common Cold and Flu

It is an established fact that there is no treatment for common cold.But everyone of us obviously despises the feeling of lethargy and discomfort and want to get over it as soon as possible.The following simple remedies will help you to prevent and treat the symptoms of common cold and provide you with the much needed relief.




Inhale Steam:
This is not only very soothing for your upper airways, but it is also a great way to increase the blood circulation in the area to quicken the recovery.You can either inhale boiling water from a pot with your head covered with a towel, or take  a steamy shower or simply sit in a sauna for 10 minutes.

Consume Vitamin C
Contrary to the popular belief, citrus fruits like oranges are really helpful in countering the symptoms of common cold.They contain Vitamin C which provides the body with resistance against the Flu causing microbes.Juices of fruits like orange, lemon, gooseberry, guava or sweet lime can be very beneficial.

Drink lots and lots of Water:
Never let your body get dehydrated.Drink plenty of liquids, specially water, tea and juice.Higher fluid levels in the body help to heal faster.But be careful that the fluids you consume are not too cold.

Maintain a Healthy Diet
Maintaining healthy diet is a general measure which boosts your body’s immune system and this makes you resistant against many disease causing micro-organisms.Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, as these take up very less energy to get digested.

Take a Break…Rest:
Your body needs time to recover, avoid any unnecessary burden for as much time as convenient to you.

Medicines that you take against flu contain anti-allergies and anti-histamines, which can cause drowsiness.Adhering to the above general measures might spare you from the need of any drug, which is always preferable as no drug is without side-effects.

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