How to Prevent a Recurrence of Diarrhea?

If you have just been the victim of diarrhea that fortunately has subsided, you will not be less than a recurrence. To avoid this, here is some simple advice to follow.

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Hydrate your body as soon as the diarrhea has stopped, your body has been partially dehydrated after diarrhea. Well you need to drink water and herbal teas to allow your body to regain its normal rhythm, otherwise it could to draw water by spasms. This will encourage the return of diarrhea.

Mix a banana pressed with dark chocolate that you have taken care to melt. This mixture will help your stomach feel better thanks to a magnesium intake. Also eat soup and very easy to digest food during the day following diarrhea. Whenever possible, avoid fatty foods and solids that will cause your body’s rebellion.

Rest as much as possible during the day following diarrhea. Do not tire yourself so your body does not react by making new diarrhea.

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