How to Prevent Acidity?

Acidity is a common problem. This article highlights measures to prevent acidity.

Acidity is the most common problem, faced by most of us in our day to day life. A person becomes restless during acidity. Therefore, elders suggest to take breakfast as early as possible; to prevent acidity. But what is the actual cause of acidity ? The answer of this question is mentioned below.

Our stomach is a J-Shaped, muscular structure. It expands with the entry of swallowed food in it. It’s inner wall is lined with mucus layer. The gastric gland of stomach secrete gastric juices, which contains pepsinogen ( protein digesting pro-enzyme ), mucus ( Protects inner wall of stomach from the action of acid ) and HCl ( Hydrochloric acid ). HCl converts pepsinogen into pepsin ( Protein digesting enzyme ) and acts as an anti-bacterial agent by killing microbes that enter the stomach through food.

The region of inner wall of stomach to which HCl comes in contact, due to absence of mucus from there, leads to acidity. A feeling of burning can be clearly felt during acidity. To prevent acidity one should :

1)      Take our breakfast, early in the morning

2)      We should eat fruits and other similar stuff regularly say at regular interval of three hours

3)      Avoid keeping empty stomach for a long duration

4)      Drink water regularly

5)      Immediately take ORS solution, during acidity

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