How to Prevent Jaundice

Prevention is better than cure, but if your body shows symptoms of jaundice, then you need immediate medication.

If you have jaundice, you know it by the discoloration of your eyes and skin with deep yellow urine. Once it strikes you, you need immediate medical attention.

There are many reasons for jaundice, the common causes are viral infection like A,B, C and E, alcohol is another cause and also intake of drugs. During pre and post monsoons, there is increase in the case of hepatitis A and E.  This viral infection is spread through contaminated water and food.

The common symptoms are loss of appetite, nausea, pain in the abdomen, vomiting, yellow discoloration of the eyes and passing of yellow urine. In some cases, there can be fever too.

Things you should follow to avoid it

Wash hands daily with soap and water.

Avoid eating outside food.

Have enough sleep and rest.

Hydrate yourself by having lot of water and home made juices of fruites.

Things you should avoid

Avoid eating outside food especially roadside eateries.

Do not eat salads or cold juices from outside.

Do not exert yourself.

Do not eat ice as it could be made of contaminated water.

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