How to Prevent or Control Ailments That Affect The Excretory System

You can prevent or control ailments that affect the excretory system by developing a healthy lifestyle.

Disorders in the excretory system can be investigated through kidney function tests. These tests help doctors determine the nature of the ailment and its treatment.

  1. Urinalysis. Sample urine may be examined under a microscope for blood cells and other materials, or they may be cultured to find out whether there is infection or not.
  2. Measuring the concentration of some substances (such as urea) in the blood.
  3. Kidney imaging. This involves visualizing the kidneys. This can be done by the following techniques. Ultrasound scanning can show an enlarged kidney and the exact spot where there is a blockage, a cyst or any unusual cell growth. Ct scanning provides a cross section of the kidney displayed as computerized x ray pictures. This is a useful for showing tumors. Angiography involves the injection of a material into the renal arteries or veins to study the blood supply of the kidneys.

You can prevent or control ailments that affect the excretory system by developing a healthy lifestyle. What does a healthy lifestyle involve?

Right Food. A healthy body can fight disease germs. You can have a healthy body by eating the right kinds of food in the right amount. Avoid fatty and salty foods since they can cause kidney problems later on. Drink plenty of fluids. These can be water or fruits juices. Fluids help your excretory system do its work efficiently.

Exercise. You are physically fit when you do not easily get tired in doing simple activities such as walking, sweeping the floor or weeding the garden. Exercise helps make your muscles become bigger and stronger. It also helps your heart, blood vessels and lungs to supply food and nutrients to your body cells and remove waste from them at the same time.

Personal hygiene. Practicing personal hygiene is very important because ailments of the urinary tract are caused by bacterial infection. Washing the sex organs should be done as often as needed. Underwear should be clean and changed as often as needed, too.

Physical checkup. It is good to have a regular physical checkup. This can be done at least once a year. Some ailments or disorders may not have visible symptoms. They can only be detected through medical tests. If ailments are detected, the proper treatment can be done and the chances of recovery are great. If no ailment is detected, it is an indication of good physical health.

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