How to Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

Blood pressure should be checked regularly to prevent complications.

Breathe deeply

Deep breathing and meditative practices such as yoga lower levels of stress hormones. Stress hormones stimulate the production of renin, a kidney enzyme that increases blood pressure.

Eat foods rich in potassium

Consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in potassium is very important for people with hypertension. Specialists recommended amount of potassium is 2000 – 4000 mg per day.

Important sources of potassium are sweet potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, bananas, beans, peas, watermelon and dried fruit such as prunes or raisins.

Watch your salt intake

Some people have an increased sensitivity to salt, which is a risk factor for hypertension. It is therefore advisable to read the labels that you buy and avoid those with a high salt content.

Try to replace salt with spices, herbs and lemon.

Eat dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that help relax blood vessels. They become more elastic. People who eat chocolate have a lower risk of hypertension than those who do not indulge in this healthy dessert.

Take supplements coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 significantly reduced blood pressure. It is a powerful antioxidants, which gives your body energy and dilates blood vessels. The recommended daily dose is 100 mg three times daily.

Drink more tea

Teas are ideal for many diseases, including hypertension. Tea is especially useful for treating the health problems. Hibiscus contains phytochemicals that reduce blood pressure.

Relax with music

Music is an ideal therapy for treating hypertension. Appropriate agreements and help to install a state of calm.

Eat more soy

Replacing foods high in refined carbohydrates with soy products help lower blood pressure. Choose quality products such as tofu or soy milk.

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