How to Speed Up Digestion Naturally

Bloating and abdominal heaviness after a meal is a common symptom for many people. Find out how to prevent this symptom naturally.

Do you experience bloating and abdominal fullness after eating a meal? This is a problem many people experience and one that becomes more common with age. Normally food moves through the intestines in less than seventy-two hours. In people who have a slow transit time this process can be delayed which can lead to bloating and intestinal discomfort especially after a large meal. It can also lead constipation and hard stools. Are there ways to increase transit time and speed up digestion to relieve some of these uncomfortable symptoms?

It’s important to be sure there’s not a medical reason why there’s a slow transit time through the intestines. Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, an underactive thyroid gland, or an obstruction in the colon can slow down digestion and lead to bloating and constipation. Some medications also slow transit time. Sometimes bloating and constipation have other more serious causes such as ovarian cancer in women; so it’s important to get this symptom evaluated.

It’s not surprising that diet plays an important role in how fast food moves through the intestines. One common cause of slow transit time is not drinking enough liquids – which also allows the stools to become dry and hardened. Eating foods naturally high in fiber such as whole grains and vegetables helps to speed up digestion and prevent constipation, while a diet that consists mostly of processed foods will have the opposite effect.

If you’re looking for a natural way to speed up digestion and increase a slow transit time, there’s now a yogurt called Activa. Not only does Activa contain active bacterial cultures for better intestinal health, it contains a special bacteria known as bifidobacterium animalis. This bacteria is unique because it increases transit time and eliminates much of the fullness and constipation people experience after a meal. Studies show that the bifidobacterium animalis found in Activa increases intestinal transit time by more than twenty percent and is particularly effective for relieving symptoms in women and older people.

Activa can be found at most grocery stores, but needs to be eaten on a daily basis to relieve symptoms of abdominal bloating and constipation. Although Activa yogurt is low in fat, it does contain seventeen grams of sugar in each container, so eat it in moderation if you’re diabetic or watching your carbohydrate intake. Activa is best combined with a diet rich in whole grains and vegetables to further stimulate intestinal function. And don’t forget to drink more water!

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