How to Stay Out of Hypothyroidism

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer from thyroid insufficiency, without knowing it, said Dr. David Brownstein, who recently published a book titled "The Natural Health."

The thyroid gland is the endocrine organ most productive in terms of volume and hormonal functions affected. It regulates energy exchange in the whole body, determine the sensitivity to other hormones, production of proteins necessary for life and metal uptake. Indirectly cause tissue growth, cell death and replacement or exchange of substances metabolism at the cellular level.

Participation in the thyroid gland is vital processes by means of hormones produced, among which the most important are thyroxine, and calciotonina triodotironina. Each of these hormones have a well defined function. The thyroid gland is subordinated to the anterior pituitary gland (brain), which produces thyroid stimulating hormone (HST).

Chemical element iodine is important for thyroid function, followed by copper and chromium. Thyroid hormones have unique chemical structures of other hormones. For example, thyroxine is based on four cells benzo (hexagon) two of which are “closed” and two are “broken”, as Dr David Brownstein, medical correspondent for NewsMax.

Artificial flavors of vanilla, strawberry and peach, harmful tirpoidei

Hence Thyroid property to suffer so much in the presence of aromatic hydrocarbon vapors, which are all structured benzene. Only now it was discovered that artificial vanilla flavor, strawberry and peach greatly harms thyroid function.

Failure in thyroid activity resulting in hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland secretions are not sufficient to maintain a balanced physiology, putting a person in a position to submit common symptoms about 60 different diseases, greatly complicating the diagnostic process.

An endocrinologist specialist must investigate signs of fatigue, “fog” mental pain, migraines, cold extremities, constipation, dry skin, cracked, pain or muscle soreness and increase body weight. If you match three of these samples, blood tests for hormone content HST becomes mandatory.

Hypothyroidism seems to be a primary cause for high cholesterol, hypertension, palpitations and hair loss (hair loss is caused by a di-crestre hidrotestosteron in volume, a thyroid hormone insufficiency altered, and the men and women).

Says Dr. Brownstein, thyroid hormone deficiency is caused by the toxic ingredients in processed food industry. Elements of “underworld” in the diet, all consisting of hexagonal cells based on aromatic substances, in an extremely wide range, from the preservatives colorings and flavorings: gluten tired, flavored sugars, dextrose, hydrogenated, hydrogenated vegetable oils or artificial, which are “stuck” aromatic substances.

Dextrin, dextrin poly saturated or in combination with citric acid, give a “taste” of all canned food, but inhibits pancreatic secretion (insulin). Normally, a sanatoas body, balances the thyroid deficiency. For years the consumption of such food launches slowly type 2 diabetes.

Health bodies in almost all countries are asking why it spreads so much diabetes, between rich and poor, between weak and fat between men and women on all continents. One answer might be that at present there is food without preservatives and spices.

Most times, SHT medical tests are likely inaccurate. In such cases, doctors prescribe unnecessary drugs, since the primary condition is hypothyroidism.

Synthetic thyroid hormones, synthroid families, and Levoxyl Thyroxyl are effective in the treatment of hypothyroidism, especially in early stages when the disease has not reached damaging other organs.

It can lead to premature menopause

Recent research has revealed that ovulatory failure and premature menopause are caused by hyperthyroidism. Ingestion of metals such as aluminum (cans of carbonated drinks or alcoholic) and magnesium (fruit), pharmaceutical substances (triciclina, tetracycline) and various combinations of plant acid (citrus) adversely affects iodine uptake, hypothyroidism facilitates installation on people prone to it.

Moderation is the key to health, especially when it comes to the integrity of the thyroid gland functions, concludes the source.

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