How to Stay Warm in Sub Zero Weather


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Yes indeedy, winter is well on it’s way and often enough, it may drop down to sub zero temperatures, in certain regions in the world.

 Here are some pointers on how to feel comfy cozy warm in this kind of weather.

Don’t go out unless you have to. If you have to go out in fifteen degrees below zero weather, make sure that you bundle up well.

If you have to go out in sub zero temperatures, be sure to wear a down coat or a wool coat. Wear a hat, scarf, gloves and earmuffs.  Wear your scarf around your face. Always.

Winter boots are a must. Make sure that they will keep your feet and legs warm and make sure that they have rubber soles. Rubber soles will help to prevent you from slipping on the ice.

Take your showers and shampoo at night. It will make you have more time for yourself to bundle up, and showering at  night helps you sleep better.

At night, half an hour before you go to bed, put your sleep wear and sheets and towels in the dryer. You’ll be amazed on how warm and comfy cozy you will feel, with heated sleep wear and warm sheets and towels.

Eat a hot breakfast, including hot beverages. It will warm your body on the inside and it will give you more energy.

Stay warm!


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