How to Stop a Dry Cough

A dry cough can be both irritating and embarrassing. Here are eight ways to stop a cough.

It happens when you’re in an important meeting and everyone turns to stare. That nagging, irritating dry cough draws everyone’s attention to your plight as you continue to disrupt the meeting with your coughing frenzy. Fortunately, there are some simple, all natural remedies that will help to stop a dry cough and take the scrutiny off of you.

What causes a dry cough to occur in the first place? The causes of a dry cough vary from allergies, asthma, a viral infection, exposure to chemicals or other foreign matter, as well as excessive smoking. Here’s how to stop a cough quickly and effectively:

A natural tea based cough remedy

Prepare a cup of warm tea with a squirt of lemon and a tablespoon of honey. The honey in the tea will help to coat your irritated throat and enable you to stop coughing.

Take a warm bath or shower

The steam from a warm shower helps to hydrate your irritated throat passages stopping the cough. Stand in the shower for at least ten minutes and breathe in the warm steam. This can be quite therapeutic.

Hot milk and honey can stop a stubborn cough

Prepare a steaming glass of milk to which you’ve added a tablespoon of honey. Drink this slowly before bedtime to prevent nighttime coughing. The warm milk can also help you to sleep if you have insomnia.

Chew on some peppermint candy

Keep a package of peppermint candies in your pocket and chew on one at the first sign of cough.

Add some humidity to your home

Dry coughs tend to be exacerbated by dry air. Invest in a good humidifier to increase the humidity in your living quarters. Not only can this stop your cough, it also may reduce your risk of developing upper respiratory tract infections.

Discover the power of vinegar to stop a cough

Add several teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. Drink this slowly when you feel the impulse to cough come upon you. Vinegar helps to reduce the inflammation in your throat and upper respiratory tract which can help to prevent coughing.

Use fresh ginger to stop a cough

Ginger can be a very effective cough remedy. Peel a small piece of fresh ginger and chew on it slowly. Your impulse to cough should slowly disappear.

Drink lots of water

If you’re in a situation where you’ll be talking a great deal, always have a glass of water by your side. Sip it whenever you take a break from talking. This can help to keep your throat passages moist and reduce irritation.

Knowing how to stop a cough can help you avoid embarrassment when you’re with an important client, speaking at an important meeting, or at a social event. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have fewer coughing spells to deal with in the future.

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  1. One more! It’s not all natural but it’s VERY effective. Rub Vick’s Vapo-Rub on your feet before putting socks on. It takes the cough away almost immediately and lasts several hours.

  2. Okay…all those remedies are like putting a bandaid on a bad laceration. How do you get the dry, nagging cough to stop permanently? I’ve had this cough for 4 weeks, I don’t smoke, and it’s the first health problem I’ve had in 3 years. I’ve been to 2 doctors, obtained prescription medication and have been taking Mucinex…nothing seems to help. It’s dry, with a constant feeling of irritation in the back of the throat. It’s at its worst at night and early morning for a few hours after I wake up. When I think it’s going away, then it’s back again….help!

  3. I like and have used krissy’s suggestion. I was amazed at how it quickly calmed down my cough. Typically when I get this type of cold the cough will last for 4 or more weeks, but I’m just starting on week 2 and it’s quickly disappearing. It also helps soften dry cracked feet too.

  4. Krissy, I think you breathed too much Vick’s Vapor Rub in!!!

  5. this dosent tell me wat i wanted to know

  6. this is pretty ordinary site

  7. yeah, how does putting vicks on your FEET help??
    That made me laugh, but I will try it!!
    I started coughing today in my maths test, and my AST is tomorrow, so this information will help me very very much :)

  8. the AST is the final year 12 exam, btw. for those who didn’t know.
    Don’t know how it’s relevant to this topic, but oh well!!

  9. Krissy,

    My wife is going to try it tonight…will let you know how it works.

  10. i have flam i can’t cough out.
    i also have dry cough

    when i try to cough out the flam,
    it doesn’t come out

    what should i do?

  11. Have someone cup their hands (bring all fingers together & make a hollow , like a cup) & rythmically hit you on the back while you lie on your stomach.

    This will help loosen the Flem

  12. I want to know if the vicks on the feet actually will work has anyone else tried it.

  13. No the Vicks did not work for my daughter or I or our friend who was sick. My step-mom sent me a email about it. I thought what the hell can not hurt. Well it did not. My daughter went from bad to worse. no fever just hacking and dry cough

  14. you also rub Vicks on Chest and back and keep your head warm.It works for me.

  15. I have tried the Vicks on the feet and it does work. Well, for me anyway. My mom says she tried it and it didn’t work for her. I was ready to try anything because even cough syrup for the dry cough wasn’t working for me.

  16. omg, my dry cough is making me tried! and my co-workers are getting annoyed. hell so am i! i need help!

  17. For all of the comments about vicks vapo rub, you are not supposed to put it on your FEET! it says clearly on the bottle, “On chest and on throat.” (its on the uses part at the top) if you put it on your feet it most likely wont do a thing. If you put it on your neck, it helps ALOT cuz the SMELL goes into your NOSE and STOPS your COUGHING while it seeps through your SKIN to ALSO stop the coughing. How is it supposed to seep through your skin or go up into your nose from your feet?

    -I also just randomly have to add that i had peppermint mints in my room and this said that peppermint mints work and i havent coughed since its been in my mouth. GO TRY THE PEPPERMINT MINTS!!! (you can get them at starbucks.)

  18. hehe I will try dee Vapor Rub!!
    My Coughing is killing me! i cant go 5 minutes without coughing!
    and its also waking up my brother in the middle of the night :0

  19. didn’t help at all.

    i ended it by sleeping on my side with wet hair, seriously try it!

  20. Krissy, I think yo have a lung infection. My older sister has had a very bad cough for 6 weeks and now I think I have one too

  21. I meant Steve instead of Krissy

  22. I think the Vicks on the feet works. It is just like if you put garlic on your feet, you can almost “taste” it in a short while. At night, I put Vicks on my feet and on my neck. Not a single cough during the night. Right now, it is on my neck, the only bad thing about it being on your neck is when your eyes are open, the fumes from it make your eyes water. :)

  23. So I’ve had this cough for 2 weeks now. I tried taking a tablespoon of vinegar twice a day (once right before bed when the cough is worse). I just started trying this. The cough hasn’t gone away completely yet but it has been less frequent.

  24. i am going to kill my wife if she don’t stop her bloody coughing . i swear i will .i’v had enough now this must stop for the love of god

  25. do it bro

  26. ur all retarded put the vick’s on ur genitals that works

  27. Hello,

    To those who have tried and those to scared too. The Vicks Vapor Rub does work. It is not about getting the vapors to your nose, it’s about absorption through the body. Just like using Aspercreme, or Icy Hot. It’s all about absorption.

    My young son uses it on his feet, and when the cough worsen on his chest and feet. It works great. My mom uses it and it works; which is good cause most things like this don’t work for her. OTC and Rx don’t work much for here either; we always tell her she’s an alien. Heehee :) However, when I use it, I don’t feel it works. Each person is different and it may work for some and not for others. So don’t knock it till you try it. If you did try it and it didn’t work then remember: “Sometimes you win some, and sometimes you lose some”.

    As far as Steve, you do sound like you have either a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) or maybe even Bronchitis, I would suggests you see a doctor and have a chest x-ray to make sure.

    As for Frank, lets not kill anyone; it’s just a cough. One of you could sleep in another room to help ease the annoyance of your wife’s cough; no need for violence.

    BTW, Lee I think your suggestion to Brittany was a good one. For most persons who suffer from respiratory issues such as Asthma, Bronchitis, and Cystic Fibrous that is the only way to release the nasty mucus that is making it so hard to breath and live life. Good Suggestion and I hope she tried it.

    I just wanted to share a few opinions. Everyone, just remember this is a freedom of speech country and your reading from opinion posting center online. So don’t take everything so seriously. If you wanted a real medical opinion or explanation you would seek a doctor not a webpage.

  28. I’m going to try the Hot Milk and 1t of honey before bed tonight.

  29. that vicks crap doesnt work, dont try it.

    either does the honey, or the milk.

    you know what works, long hours of resless coughing and non-sleep until it goes away :(

    oh yeah and lots of nyquil…haha

  30. ive tried every thing to stop this dam cough n nothing has worked,been coughing for like 2 hrz non stop now!!!! urghh HELP!!

  31. I’ve tried Vicks before and it sometimes helps me. But whenever the cough keeps me awake I always put a cough drop in the side of my mouth.

  32. Hey to all! I read all of your suggestions to getting rid of a nagging cough. Most of them I have tried. Except for the Vicks on the feet. Lol. I feel for all of you. :( it’s so hard to get rid of a cough that hangs around for what seems like forever. But just let it do it’s thing. I am a 10th grade guy and have had a cough for about a week or so. But I have gym class for the last period of the day and always get a bad cough. It starts to irritate rreal badly. So I came home and put on some Vicks on my chest. It works amazingly!!! Also make sure you drink a lot of water. And have some cough drops handy.

    Peace out guys.
    Hope all of you get better!!

  33. I can’t get Vick’s where I am. I have tried menthol and regular cough drops.

    What helps a little is hot water+honey+lemon+some salt. This seems to help loosen up what i have in my throat.

    However every so often I get this nagging tickling in the back of my throat and I start coughing like a maniac. Only been 3 days and it came with a flu.

    Any other suggestions aside from the Vick’s? Are there alternatives to be sought? I am currently in Finland and can’t seem to find the equivalent.

    I am told the air is more “wet” here than in Toronto Canada, but I think its actually drier… could this be the reason for the relentless coughing?

  34. The humidity has like everything to do with it. I would highly suggest getting a humidifier! Helps a lot. My little sister has am allergy to the wood for the wood burning stove so we had to get one. But a good remidy is a mixture of vinegar honey and hot pepper. It warms the throat and helps a lot. My mom makes it all the time when we’re sick. I’ll get the amounts in a few.

    And everyone keep posting. I check this all the time.


  35. Try putting a small amount of Vicks around your anal region. It makes you forget about your cough very quickly :)

  36. Yeah I’m sure Rachel. Lol.

  37. OMG, can’t believe I wrote that (never mix wine and internet late at night!!!!) – I had to do it once to relieve an itch and it felt great …. for the first two minutes, ouch :)

  38. Lol that’s hilarious. Yeah the mixture is pretty funny. My mom drinks a glass a night. It’s actually good for u.

  39. try that new neti pot (:
    lol seems gross
    but it dose clear your nose
    for about a few hours
    just blow your nose
    once it gets stuffy

    oh yeah and putting vick’s
    on ur feet dose work
    i tired it (:

  40. oops i ment tryed

  41. Putting vicks vaporub on your feet helps.
    Why do people snicker at the suggestion?
    I see many other websites suggesting this idea.

  42. Just stumbled onto this thread for obvious reasons. One person suggests putting Vicks vapour rub on their feet, another wants us to put it on their bottom holes (sorry, best description I could find) …. isn’t the idea to put it on our chests?????

  43. Trust me the Vicks works. My son has been coughing for a few days, put the Vicks on his feet and wow, it works … don’t laugh if you don’t try it.

  44. Brit,
    you meAnt trIed.

  45. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The vicks on the feet really does work, I went one step further after putting on the vicks i wrapped seran wrap over my feet then put my socks on, I felt like just putting socks on would lets the vicks rub off on the socks!!

  46. Hi any help what to do if you shot your wife and shes coughing up blood? Should i just slap her, or kiss her or, do I have sex with her. I tried beating her up with my baseball bat, and stabbing her with my knife and cutting her face. Will this make her stop coughing up blood? Tonight im gonna try to cook my daughter alive in front of her maybe then she will fell better. : ) PLEASE HELLP!

  47. Welcome to Neverland children!!! Now take off your clothes and sleep with me. I got some thing in my pocket for you… give a little squeeze and say how do you do? Yep u suck on it its good for ya! it makes you grow up and makes u cough up spermy seamen like Paris Hilton!!!! YEAH!

  48. Any children here? Want some candy? I got some ice-cream in this bucket! You have no idea whats been in this bucket ! Some yogurt! i made by myself! home-made! or shuld i say .. self-made!

  49. If that yogurt y’all sayin’ is what im thinkin’ its i WANT IT IN MA ASS AND MOUTH AND IN MY VAGINA HOLE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. LOL rachel. Lay off the wine and Internet mixture. Not good LOL.

  51. i have had this cough 4 day now which has come after havin the flu. its really annoying me now as every so often im bein sick when i cough every time i eat i then cough n bring it back up. an i havent got any of the stuff mentioned above in the house to try apart from vinager which sounds gross. any help would b great as if i cough any more i fink my throat is gonna pop open. yes i do smoke but its hard not to in a stressfull house lol

  52. lol rachael dirty dirty

  53. This ought to work for folks that have the dry, non-productive cough, with no sinus involvement.

    On the way home, stop at Home Depot/Lowes/whatever, and pick up a good, small room humidifier.

    While up and about in the house, make sure you try to breathe through the nose as much as possible, which helps moisturize the air.

    Take that humidifier, fill it up, and start it up now. Close the doors to your bedroom, and let it run a few hours. Before bed, fill it up again, let it run all night while you sleep.

    Wake up, if not cured, then at least feeling significantly better.

    Repeat until feeling better. Continue running humidifier till winter breaks.

    Hope that helps some folks…..


  54. Try benedryl to dry you up. One type of persistent cough can be created from sinus drip down the back of the throat. If you dry it up with an anti-histamine, it will stop the drip and the throat irritation, therefore the cough.

  55. Whenever im sick, whether it’s a cold or flu, I drink warm milk and honey, but add in the honey until the milk has just a LITTLE bit of flavor in it! Then put a pinch of sugar! ONLY A PINCH! drink this before you go to bed, it helps wonders!

    It also helps if you are having trouble sleeping, whether your sick or not.
    Right before you go to bed heat up some until warm-almost hot, but not too hot- and then add in some honey but no sugar!
    the warm milk’s fumes helps put you to sleep and the honey just adds flavor….also a warm milk bath also helps with skin:
    it softens, heals burns (sunburns), and if you could also use it to help your baby go to sleep faster or to go to sleep period, just basically lather or rinse him/her with nice warm milk for about 5 minutes, again the healthy fumes from the milk will relax the muscles and mind,and then just rinse them off with nice warm water and then its…beddy time…

  56. i meant “heat up some milk-
    heehee ^_^

  57. i am actually sick right now and my boyfriend is trying to help get rid of my cough! i cough to the point where i almost vomit so the honey and milk and sugar does work! trust me!

  58. nothing worked…
    i effin hate dry cough!!!

  59. Vicks on feet do work. Trust me. My mom and I have been doing it for years.

  60. I am constantly coming into contact with sick people and extreme temperature changes due to nature of my business. I work in hospitals as well as senior homes and schools, so I have a tough time trying to constantly avoid all those germs and viruses. Has anyone tried (and the taste is not the most pleasant, even if u are Italian…) chewing on a clove of Garlic and gargling with sea salt and luke warm water ? You may be surprised, Garlic is very good for many illnesses even a sore throat.

  61. they actually did a report on the vicks vapor rub on your feet and it works. They tested it by putting garlic on peoples feet and a fair amount of them reported tasting garlic at somepoint. Your feet are an absortion point and the vicks on your feet works really well. I have really bad asthma and when i cough i cough for weeks, the vicks makes it a ton better

  62. Milk and honey didn’t walk at all for me but Vicks certainly helps. Try massaging Vicks into your testicles every night just before going to bed.

  63. why not a hot tottie? they work wonders…

  64. If you have phlegm in your throat, try tipping your head back all the way and coughing. Many times, this can break it loose.

  65. i’ve tried everything on this site. the vicks didn’t work 4 me this time. i’ve had this cough 4 like a week. it’s dry, scratchy, but sometimes it’s not always dry. i’ve been 2 the doc’s ive tried O-t-c meds and perscription and i’ve used my inhaler and humidifyer. any1 got any other suggestions??? please let me know! i can’t miss any more school!!! but i can’t go 2 school if i’m coughing evry 100 seconds!!! :(

  66. oops i met 10 seconds.

  67. i just tried the milk and ho ne y and the vicks on the feet,chest,and around the nose.Ialso have a humidifier and nothings working yet so well see how the rest of the night goes i feel bad for my daughter coughing so much shes only 7

  68. The last few days i have been coughing and i found out sucking on ice will stop your coughing for hours if u keep it up!

  69. i have this dry cough for the last 4 days or so. tried antibiotics, cough syrups, cough drops, lozenges, everything. nothing worked. finally i did the steam for 5 minutes with a capsule of karvol and its been half an hour now without cough. hope it lasts!

  70. Vicks on the bottom of the feet works and I know it because I’ve tried it. My mom taught me this, you put it on the bottom because basically the menthol will run through the body and make you feel better.

  71. Wow…..some of you should seek help(Rachel)…my twelve year old son had a bad cough and he just happened to find this site and tell me…….thanks

  72. Dont use vicks it doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Here it is 5:36 am i cannot sleep because i caugh literaly every 2 minutes. I caugh when i start talking or swallow saliva. I think im gonna cut myself.
    Although theres one positive effect. My abs are so nice now.

  74. I want 2 meet this rachel character lol jk btw this post has anpoint though Vicks+Feet=no cough 4 sure my brutha A-town 4life btw im an d0uche lol no one talk 2 me EVER

  75. IM NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!

  76. legalize you got to recognize btw keep blazing-tobacco of course- it gets rid of coughs

  77. legalize you got to recognize, we gonna throw rhymes here, oh nice. first caugh is not nice, it sucks and twice we don’t know what will help you, so throw a dice and sacrifice your money to heal your problems, guys.
    I can throw a rhyme like 1,2,3 homie don’t you see it’s just me so continue if you wanna battle with the G.

  78. Ive been coughing every 5 minutes non stop for the past few days and I have a migraine from it. I am so sick of coughing i thought about cutting my throught to stop coughing but then i would drown in my own blood. Im going to try vicks on my throught to see if it helps, maybe on my feet to. Rachel sounds kinky ill do you in the butt lol. and im not drunk

  79. I have had this Darnn COUGH for like 3 1/2 Months until i went on Vacation to California and my father in law recomended some
    tea. its called “BRONCO TE” NADE BY “TADIN” … it says 100%Natural on it and it also states on the box that..” “Eucalyptus is well known to open the bronchial passages,while mullein helps keep them clear. Elder flowers support the sinuses. Licorice and ginger add flavor while soothing the throat.”

    Try it… Works Real Good and had taken my cough away.

    i took it 3 times daily until the entire box was gone using 2 tea bags per cup of tea..

    try it guys and you will see!!!!

  80. Some of you are nasty little boys on here ~. You might want to find a chat room or something, maybe try a bath in Vick’s.

  81. so many options which do i try first?

  82. I am in Agony… I had a sinus infection and that got better and now I am left with a HORRIBLE nagging cought that has just took over my like. I went to the doc today and he says it will go away! Yeah right! It has made me Gag and throw-up and I am most misrible. I just drank the Warm Milk and put the Vicks on my feet.. I cant sleep. I guess I will end up losing my Job from Lack of sleep… Sigh…. wish I could do something!

  83. DOc gave me Cough Syrup with Codine, took it with Benadryl also drank a shot of Schnapps.. Nothing is working! I am crying..

    Just want to die right now.. dont care

  84. Dry cough with no mucus: Try putting Vicks Vapo-Rub on your chest, throat, feet and genitals. Also, a humidifier DOES work. Just make sure to shove it up your anus right and tight.

    If this doesn’t make the cough go away…NOTHING will!

  85. Six weeks of coughing, that is just sickening. The worst I’ve had is probably a little under two weeks. I feel for everybody who has had the grievance of the ‘dry cough.’

  86. Hi All,

    I’ve had this very dry cough for nearly four weeks.

    The coughing gets so violent that my stomach and chest ache so much. I’d occassionally cough up a bit of blood, mostly early in the morning. I tried everything and nothing seemed to have worked.

    Fisherman’s Friend (Cherry – low sugar) helps a bit but doesn’t get rid of it.

    Anyway, I decided to heat-up some milk (Cavendale in a blue carton), mixed with red peppers(Sainsbury’s – dried red peppers which you grind by yourself), olive oil and brown sugar.

    The violent coughing stopped immediately after taking the concoction! My throat doesn’t feel irritable anymore either.

    It’s early times yet, so, I’ll see how it goes tonight and tomorrow. I’m hoping that it would help me get rid of it once and for all. Would let you know.


  87. My daughter-in-law asked me to rub Vicks on my 2-yr old granddaughter’s feet and chest to relieve her cough and it worked! Also, Whoopi Goldberg said on “The View” the other day that she did the same when she had a bad cold/cough and it worked for her. I am now sick and have tried it for a couple of nights to no avail. Maybe, it’s not for everyone! I feel I’m going to cough up a lung any moment now!

  88. Hi All,

    I did mention the concoction for my very dry and violent cough in my posting of yesterday.

    Glad to say that THE COUGHING HAS STOPPED COMPLETELY. I had the most peaceful sleep last night – no coughing whatsoever.

    I haven’t taken the concoction today because there is NO MORE cough for me.

    Try it if you can manage the hot peppers. IT DOES WORK!


    I meant CRAVENDALE milk (not Cavendale). You’ll get that from most supermarkets.

  89. I was told this years ago and everytime my cough came back, I would use it and it would take less than a week for it to work. Buy COD LIVER OIL. This is fish oil. DO NOT buy the pills, ONLY buy the oil. Sure it tastes bad but it does the trick.

    The dry cough is due to the fluids from your brain that leak down to your throat which irritate your throat. When you use cod liver oil, it somehow eliminates the fluids.

    Take 1 tea spoon per day onl at night before you sleep. DO NOT DRINK OR EATANYTHING AFTER YOU TAKE THE OIL.

  90. Someone above mentioned hot toties… whenever my siblings and I were sick as kids, my dad would mix a large batch of the stuff and keep it in the fridge, and make us drink a small glass full of it each night until the cold was gone. Oh, was it sour and strong! It worked, but I also think it got me drunk once as an eight year old.

    Gahhh, I’m going to try the shower trick I think. This cough is probably annoying the hell out of my room mate.

  91. For a persistent cough put two to three cloves in your mouth and it will stop the cough.

  92. try using Coke. Get a can, warm it up in a saucepan, dont let it boil and squeeze a lime or lemon in it. Then sips slowly. it helps to clear the phelgm and soots the throat .

  93. Use vicks on ur chest and forehead. The garlic thing also works along with some ginger.

  94. Vicks cream works on feet because you have pressure points on your feet. So when you rub the cream into the pressure points it well go through your whole body . EXample for your head, nose back, chest ect. Important you need to put socks over your feet with vicks to keep the heat in. Heat takes the poisons out when you sweat. Also put it on your chest and upper back and neck. Use a cold humidifer and window cracked open and sleep on side never your back. You can also try bringing mattress up or prompting pillows. Lemon squessed with warm water and a little honey works to soothe throat and is good for you. I f you don’t have vicks use a natural product called peppermint oil on your feet. Keep doing this for a few days.

  95. ive had the same problems, bad coughs, et. and its so anoiying! ive tried allergie medicen and everything. no help. im gunna try some of the suggestoins on here, but besides haveing to spend a ton of money *like for a “good” humidifier, is there anouther easy way to get rid of it completetly?

  96. I am trying the vicks on my feet an chest tonight…have had this damn cough for a week and I am fed up!! need sleep!

  97. lol. im liking rachel =] lol. but the feet vicks thing does help. good call. nd get at me rach ;) lol

  98. You have to be laying down for the vapor rub to work. I think some people are trying it while standing and walking and sitting. It only works while lying flat. The heat makes the blood run to your feet and opens up your lungs better. I have used this on two of my daughters for years and it works. They have a tight cough before bed and sleep through the night and then wake up with a loose cough.

  99. Mucinex works just have to wait till it kicks in now if i could find me that zicam that helps you get over your cold faster not a home remedy but it saved my life once coughed up the liquid building in my lungs that would have drowned me

  100. I have had the same cough for six weeks now. I just tried the milk, honey, and lemon. It seems to have loosen my cough, but hasn’t gotten rid of it completely. Any other suggestions? I really don’t want to buy anything. HELP

  101. I have had a real bad cough for the last 4 days.

  102. cough cough cough HELP

  103. im suffuring from that dry cough since 3 weeks .. im taking now “dry cough surup..” but it seems nothing is changing .. any sugguestions ??

  104. Make my cough 9 weeks now. I am always coughing in my classes and it’s really embarrassing. HELP ME! I am SICK(literally) and tired of coughing!!

    two most important words here:

    HELP ME!

  105. i tried all these remedies..and come to find out that my cough was caused by a sideeffect of one of my medications…He changed my perscription and the cough almost immediately went away

  106. Stop breathing thru mouth but try by nose.Hold each breath for 6 seconds and at the same time use a good balm for your feet, chest and back.Take morning and night phlegm medicine as well.It works.

  107. i love anal mentholated stimulation!!!!!!!!! i tried rubbing some vinegar and milk and honey on it too but that didn’t work. did you know that wine and mornings and the internet doesn’t mix EITHER?!

  108. ur all gay

  109. have somebody judo chop you right in the throat when you dont expect it, i suggest someone like a mother or older brother, or cousin.

    the judo chop will make you forget about your cough and make you concentrate on the intense pain in your throat, thus scaring away the dry cough, much like you would the hickups

  110. I have the same problem, if I get sick it will last a couple of days but the hacking will last for weeks and when I’m driving the aircondition gets my going so bad I have to put it blowing on the floor and crack a window.

  111. I farted.

  112. Humidifiers work, cough suppressents sometimes helps, a rescue inhailer helps if you feel like your lungs are closing up (asthma, can be an alergy reaction too).

    The Vicks on the feet thing does help. Put on a thick layer and put some socks on. It works fast (especially if you have few calouses on your feet) since your feet are very pourus and will soak it up quickly (keep em warm too while the vicks is on them).

    Banannas help and oddly enough cooking a bananna over an open flame, smushing it in a bowl or cup (or plate) and adding a bit of pepper sooths the cough almost immediatly.

    Try getting one of those breath right strips that you put on your nose to help you stop snoring and using it. It opens the nasal passages and will allow for better breathing.

  113. does any one know how to stop a cough with mucus inside? ive never seen my dad not cough in my entire life and he doesnt listen to me when i say its got to do with him smoking. someone pleez help me.

  114. I have that now. It won’t go away. I have tried all remedies over the counter too. I don’t smoke and can’t even imagine how your dad can smoke with a cold, and bad cough. You can’t do anything about him not smoking. He can be the only one to quit. When I do have all the flem and can’t get it all up, I seriously drink some milk, as it brings it up more, go in my shower and this is gross, but I make myself throw up. SO much of it comes up. Someone told me that years ago and it helps get rid of it. good luck w/your dad.

  115. HaHA omg Rachel your great!

  116. one word

  117. I have had a cough for nearly three weeks now. It’s horrible! I have gone to my doctor twice, done two rounds of antibiotics, used the prescription cough syrup (which just makes me fall asleep), and I am debating on filling my perscription for an inhaler (I am not sure if it is completely necessary since I am able to breath its just I keep coughing). It is a persistent dry cough that is worse at night, sometimes when I cough there will be something in my throat but that is mostly after I have had about 4 cough drops in a row. I am going to try the vicks and the vinegar thing! I figure it’s worth a try!

    But for a tip! Neti-pots are amazing!! If you are afraid of using the “pot” style, they make a sinus rinse, which is the same concept as a neti-pot. It also really helps if you buy the zinc drops to put into the saline mixture. They are rather expensive but completely worth it! I’ve been using my neti-pot for my cough but it doesn’t seem to be working since I don’t have any mucus in my throat… But it works well if you have a nasal drip or sinus infection, and sometimes a slight stuffy nose.

  118. I came to this site looking for relief from dry cough. My cough is the side-effect of a viral infection.

    I started with a few coughs here and there and in a couple of days it has become intense and strong. It is very very frustrating and I thought I would cough my eyeballs out.

    After reading all the posts, I started with simple and then thought I will keep adding more things to make my cough go away. The easiest was rubbing Vicks Vaporub on the throat and sleeping on my back.

    The first few inhales itself stopped my cough immediately. A minute or later there were a few cough relapses here and there but after a couple of minutes .. my cough completely stopped.

    So I will see how I feel in the morning. I’m not sure if this will cure my coughs permanentely but time will tell.

    Besides I still have more things to try ..

    I think some people are just plain sick making fun on here and wasting times and resources of genuine people who come with terrible hear wrenching coughs. So please keep it clean. Shouldn’t this be moderated?

  119. You guys are all wierd lol.. I just did everything.. I put vicks on my feet, chest, neck, and under my nose. Also had some tea with lemon and honey, and a spoonful of peanut butter.. Its finally somewhat under control. THANK GOD! Also if you can get your hands on a fast-acting inhaler, do! I think thats what helped me the most.

  120. im willing to try ALMOST anything to get my cough away….i have school 2morro and its embarrasssing coughing and interupting the pretty sure its not gonna go away right away..but i wanna make it get better at least…ive been coughing NONSTOP…i have a test soon and im hoping i could study and sleep well..
    i really dont wanna get anyone sick…im really hoping this is gonna work..

  121. i wanted a serious solution, but after reading all comments, i love the “judo chop to the throat” suggestion, hysterically laughing distracted me from cough, thanku

  122. bad,horrible hard cough ,especially at night ,like right now going on for second week.I have been fighting this cough thing for 4 hours straight now….started reading all you good people’s comments on how to treat this dry hacking cough that want
    go away. I do not have fever ,but ache in my lower abdomen from so much coughing….

    I am unemployed, old and married,seeking relief for this
    nagging cough that is bad for my health problems….

    Have tried the neti pot with salt every day,cough drops,spoone of honey,honey in cereal,honey in coffee,honey by hand,honey by finger,coke with ice,hot coffee….just tried the vicks on the bottom of feet remedy and covered up with socks(HAVENT COUGHED IN 5 MINUTES NOW) AND ITS 4:59 AM

    My doctor was as much help as a toad on a log in the bottom of the sea. He sent me a prescription for cough syrup with codine in it, that helps for a little while,tasted good ,then back to 2 minute coughs that appear to want to extract my lungs.
    The price of the 4 oz syrup was $85 dollars…tussinex

    I have already used up that 4 ozs ,now trying something different.

    Appears the vick’s ointment rubed on the bottom of each foot
    is working,,,have not coughed in 15 minutes…thank you
    someone on this site for telling me remendy…

    You are to be commended for this brave and workable feat.
    Hope to see you in heaven some day for a game of golf..
    There are no sand traps in heaven and the cup size is a

    Good morning people ..its 5:18 AM AND NO COUGHS YET

  123. Okay well, this might sounds nuts to you but hear me out….

    I am a heavy smoker. Pack a day-er. Needless to say I get sick a few times a year. Once I feel the cough coming on this is what I do and it’s worked for me…fight it. Yes, that crazy stupid little tickle…do everything in your power NOT to actually start coughing.. take DEEP DEEP breaths to satisfy the tickle in your throat. If you can hold out long enough and use the usual methods you might just skip the worst of it

  124. I think I am going to use vicks on my feet. I am in ur world now first day of blody cough. I have every year. Currently i am annoying people next to me in tube. Really like it

  125. Just for all you people who cant spell, its spelt PHLEGM. Im 12 and i learnt that when i was 6. My new favourite word. Say it flemm. Thats the gross sticky stuff you cough up.

  126. okay i don’t know how u came about knowing this thing with the vicks on the feet, but this stuff actually works. me, my wife, my son, my twin brother and his 2 kids all had colds when we got back from japan. i looked this up online and tried it and laughed whole trying it and then BAM!!!

  127. everyone u have got to try this vicks on the feet thing it really works. my whole family is doing it now when they get colds. u might laugh but this stuff works wonders. i was sick and i smoke and i don’t cough. at first u might cough here and there for about 10_15 minutes and then this vicks kicks in and whoop ass ant take names on your lungs it was like i had a kung fu match in my throat and the vicks on thee feet won. oh yeah down side is that your nose runs from vapors and people might think u do coke or somthing if u don’t say u r sick. i’m just saying…

  128. try this. get a bottle of water. stand somewhere looking up.(literally looking up so your back neck is like bent) then take one up and leave it in ur mouth. den swallow a little bit of the water that u took from the water. keep drinking that \”gulp\” after 2 secdonds and keep repating it… drink the whole bottle. den sit back and watch the cough go :D

  129. O.k. I had tried it all. Finally, I figured out a good combination. Worked for both my child and I. I washed my feet with hydrogen peroxide then put the vick’s vapor rub on my feet, chest, and neck after taking a long warm shower with antibacterial soap. I took silver biotics 1 tablespoon every 6 hours along with 2 capsules of clear lungs extra strength every 4 hours. I take a 1,000mg vitamin c ester c tablet about 4 times throughout the day. I had been coughing, coughing, coughing. Everytime I get sick, I use this remedy. I used to stay sick atleast 2-3 weeks. Now, only about 1 week if I start at first symptoms. Atleast I’m not coughing the whole way like I used to.

  130. Oh, I almost forgot…when I take the vitamin c, I also take it with 200mg of vitamin e.

  131. The best remedy for dry cough: Glass of warm milk with teaspoon of honey, teaspoon of butter and nip of rum. Try it. The caugh stops and you will sleep like a baby. The Vick’s works too but you have to massage it into your feet properly and add some more on your chest. But I am big fan of the milk and rum. Works like a clock.

  132. i never kneew this was and herad it before bu it ruly does work thanks!

  133. this didnt help at all… its 2am and i am still coughing… thanks stupid site

  134. i put the vicks vapour rub on my feet, and also did two shots of pickle juice (because i dont have any vinegar) and it has worked so far.
    i don’t know which one actually made the coughing stop, since i did both of them, or if it was the combination… but it works for me!

  135. I have Multiple Sclerosis and, i take a immune sytem suppresant to slow the disease down and, now i got the H1N1 for 2 weeks with this bloody flippen cough!!! so i tried the vicks IT WORKED! i have been coughing up a lung all day and, when i put the vicks on it stopped in about 5 minutes. Ill do the warm milk tonight . I have also been on antibiotics for 7 days so looks like this baby is hanging around!

  136. I tried chewing a piece of Ginger stopped my cough for a couple min but suprisingly soothes the throat. Then I tried the vapo rub on the feet and it seems to be working. Now I am sipping a cup of green tea with a piece of Ginger to sooth the pain a bit. Good luck to everyone out there who has the big scarry flu going around!

  137. For a dry cough or a persistent cough, do this. Find a eucalyptus tree, pull as many leaves as possible and boil them in a large pot. Then, put a towel over the pot and rest on table, constantly inhale as much as possible. Eucalyptus is what is in vicks, main ingredient.

  138. steve i feel for you having the same problem..word for word..its crazy .. i want a remedy for this freeken cough,.. and i want one soon…i work in a dance club and every one smokes …pleas if you found out what to do about that stubbern cough…pleas PLeas let me know…!!!

  139. Everyone is laughing at Krissiy’s vick vapo rub on the bottoms of feet! It really does work! my grandma had 9 kids…….she swears by this! with a set of twins that were suseptable to colds from the rest of the family, the vicks on their heels at night worked!!!!

  140. I’m trying to figure out how to get into a steamy hot shower while I’m in the middle of a meeting.

  141. Rachel,

    Should i put the vick on the surface of my hole or right inside?


  142. oops I meant vicks

  143. The ad system sucks!!!

  144. I’m about to BATHE in Vick’s Vapo-Rub to make sure TGIF cough goes away it’s killing me! And I can’t go a full minute without coughing!!! Especially at night. I just wanna sleep.

  145. Just try some honey and lemon juice. It works.

  146. ive had this cough/cold for abot 5 days now and its just gotten worse the last few days, ive been to the docter and got antibiotics, robitussin and vicks. none of these have seem to work. but i have just tried the vicks on the feet. its working so far. now im off to get the warm milk and honey. lets hope it works! thanks for the info guys :)

  147. I tied many things up the anus.

  148. My daughter has been coughing all day like every 5 minutes, I tried all the cough suppressants and nothing. I was desperate so I googled “how to stop a cough” this sight popped up and I did the vapor rub on the feet with the socks. Well its been 15 minutes and she has coughed once. I will keep monitoring her, but this is working. thanks

  149. My daughter 3years -2 month age has been coughing (dry cough& some times running nose)all day like every 2 minutes, I tried all the cough suppressants and nothing. I was desperate so please suggest the best medicien.

  150. Well, I just rubbed Vicks all over my feet and chest and suprisingly do feel a bit better. Can’t say that I’ve stopped coughing completely but I really do think it’s going to work.. Will know in a few minutes once I’m asleep… Now, how do I get all the Vicks of my keyboard :P

  151. Dear sickofidiots and other’s who do not understand the “skin on the feet”.
    Perhaps you should study the physiology of the skin.

  152. Hey everyone,

    Try Vicks on your throat, under your nose, and on your feet (coat THICK layers). Sip apple cider vinegar (reduces inflammation of your throat) and drink hot tea. Continually blow your nose to ensure you drain fluids out of your nose rather allow it to drip down your throat. Also, you may consider the reason you are coughing is because you are dehydrated. Drink water. At least 60-100oz each day to ensure you are hydrated. Drink more if you are physically active.

    Take my word. I’m a Marine Corps Officer. We find the tricks of the trade pretty quickly. We feel like crap all the time in the cold weather.

    Semper Fi,

    Lt. Silvers

  153. Also, consider using a netti pot. It will drain the fluids from your nose and hydrate your nasal passage. This will reduce fluids that could drip down your throat, causing the abominable tickling in your throat.

  154. i love lamp.

  155. Thanks for the advice. I was just told today about the Vicks on the feet thing. And now that im up at 3am and have been coughing for the last 3 hours keepin up my entire family i will be trying this! Thanks for verifying this remedy!

  156. I tried the vicks on the feet it did help. I also slept with a cough drop spearimint flavored. If your desperate you will try this!

  157. I don’t know if this information will solve my problem but thanks because I started out with a bad case of flu and then after the fever was gone… there came the heavy cough. Every night i try to sleep and it has been bothering me. Thanks Krissy i hope vicks works for me…

  158. My sister gave me her cough (on purpose) for Christmas I went from a chest cold to laryngitis to a non stop dry cough. I feel okay, I\’m just sick and tired of coughing. (i rather have laryngitis) I work in a very peaceful enviroment and my coworkers are about to call the police on me for COUGHING and disrupting them. LOL. I just want the coughing to stop…

    I did some research and found that if you take musinex DM it will stop the coughing. \”completely\” I think i will try that.

    Or does anyone have any other suggestion other than the Vick (feet) deal….

  159. My 2 year son and i have had a dry cough for 3 weeks a point that we vomit when we cough too much…i tryed everything and we r still coughing…nights are the worse..i am giving this natural liquid to my son and some democineol during the night and it does not seem to work, i have personally spent the last 3 weeks awake during night time becauce of my cough and also for my son.. i am tired and will try this vicks on feet tonight and let you guys know…

  160. It must have killed him.

  161. i have had a dry cough for 3 weeks no. I tried all kind of medicine OTC and prescribed ones nothing work. The I tried ginger powder and honey make it a paste and just eat it twice a day. Also on the side take some fresh ginger and mix with little salt and keep in the mouth for the whole day. You can do this along with vicks therapy. doing all of the above helped me to sleep over night and also cough less during the day , I am like 80% ok with in a day.

  162. I’ve now had a tickly cough for 3 weeks, it’s driving me mad, have dried codeine cough medicine, honey and lemon, an inhaler which helps at night, but I only have to laugh or talk too much and I can’t stop coughing and end up nearly being sick. I think I’ll have to visit the doctor, sometimes a cough can be connected to an ear problem, it’s worth a go.

  163. The vicks on the feet helped. I went outside to get the mail because my sister is expecting something and the cold makes me cough. Also eating foods that cause acid reflux makes me cough. So I try to lay off milk, spicy foods, chocolate, carbonated drinks and overall anything that cause acid reflux.

  164. hei!! i was ready try anything now, i tried all tried all the suggestion; never worked.. then….

    i mixed all the suggestion 1 milk
    2 ginger
    3 garlic
    4 honey
    5 peppermint and
    6 vinegar
    used a blender to mix. and i rubbed the stupid vicks as well on feet and chest..

    shoo!! i had a terrible diarrhea in the morning i couldnt even notice that my cough was healed til now 22:30 but hei!! i will never do that again.. as for cough i don’t even remember coughing the whole of last night

  165. ugh i hate dry coughs….my neighbor had it….then i got it from sharing cigarettes….i eat Jolly Ranchers….they seem to help a little to relieve the feeling of coughing

  166. hi i have had a cough for over a week and i coughed really hard and threw up… so now im afraid to cough is there anything i can do.

  167. worked for me

  168. One cause of a persistent dry cough (with no cold association) could be blood pressure medication. Side effects of ace inhibitors list a dry cough, but in my case I took the medicine for months with no problem. Only when I got a cough (from sinus drainage) and it would NOT stop did I find out that this medication may not CAUSE the cough but if you get one it will not let it go. My medicine got changed, the cough stopped.

  169. Arw you of age rachel I surwe hope so cuz I habe a remedy for you

  170. i have a HORRIBLE cough that lasted for over a week now.
    halls does not work
    cold fx did absolutely nothing!
    i’m not trying tylnoel
    & nothing works!!!!!!!!

  171. how does rubbing something on your feet take coughing away?

  172. Havent tried the vicks on my feet yet but I don’t know why after 34 yrs of being on this earth I haven’t tried even buying Vicks vaporub. I had this dry cough for couple years now and I thought It was asthma but I don’t have history of asthma. The cough would follow a cold and never go away. My lungs would hurt because I can’t stop coughing. Wind triggers it sometimes. When I think about it than it comes back. But if you guys have any history of anxiety or stress etc.. I’m thinking it’s because of that. I have history of those things and I don’t know if it’s coincidence but I moved in to my bf parents house and that is when this persistent dry cough started along with my anxiety coming back. So several days ago I decided to google “persistent dry cough” and got this website of someone saying to rub Vicks on my feet. I thought what the heck and went out to buy some.

    Well I didn’t shower yet so I didn’t wanna put it on my feet until I showered so I just rubbed it on my throat and chest and apparently it was enough for me to actually fall asleep throughout the night! I was so relieved. The next day I felt so much better, still slightly coughing so I continued to rub the vaporub on my chest and now today I am relieved of the cough. Coincidence? who knows. But I’m stocking up on this vaporub and if I have to in the future I will try it on my feet but so far I haven’t had to yet. It’s difficult to know what is causing what, allergies, asthma, stress, anxiety, but I think that vaporub will work either way unless its pure asthma than you will have to get some additional help at the doctor. Other than that, vaporub saved my life. Persistent cough for two whole years and I thought it was asthma, I had an inhaler but it only works for the moment, I was in Hawaii for 3 weeks visiting my mom and I still had the cough. I came back to cali and it got worse. The vaporub saved my life after 2-3 days of treatment. Oh FYI the store I went ran out of Vicks brand so I bought the store brand and it works just as well. Try the vaporub!! it works!!

  173. You could try some lemon juice and honey. It will work.

  174. Also bike riding helps. My boyfriend did not cough once when his was biking in nature. Clean, fresh air.

  175. i had a terrible cough for about 2 weeks, couldnt shift it until i heard to drink dogs urine! thought what the heck and tried it and hey no more cough!!

  176. Hi
    Tried the vick’s rub on the feet today and it worked for about 10 minutes and then I was back to coughing uncontrolably.

    I have tried every other remedy, haven’t slept for days and i’m driving my boyfriend nuts with my dry cough :(

    any other remedies people?

  177. Hey you people almost all of you need to look for medical help. Meaning you Rachel!!!!!!!!!! YOU BEEP HOLE!

  178. yeah so i read all of these hilarious posts and i tried a few of the suggested methods. i had h1n1 which brought the cough on. i’ve been coughing hard for about 12 days now. my cough is dry but i do have a little bit of phlegm that comes out every 3-4 coughs.

    chewing on the little piece of ginger helped my cough for about 15 minutes, so that didn’t work.

    milk, honey and a shot of rum helped me go to sleep last night so that actually kind of worked but it didn’t last very long. i woke up coughing like crazy.

    today i went to the store and got vicks vaporub and put it all over my feet, even in between my toes, and put on socks. i put a tiny bit on my chest just so it would be going in my nose/mouth when i was sleeping. IT WORKED. i coughed one or two more times before i fell asleep. i slept great. i woke up and feel ok. i’ve been up for about two hours and since i have been awake i’ve coughed twice and they were very weak coughs. it felt more like muscle spasms than a cough. im still wearing the socks i went to bed with and i put a tiny bit more on my chest. it seems to be working.

    the number one thing i can say for helping your cough die down is to not talk. i just had a five minute phone conversation and by the time i was done with it my cough felt like it was going to come back. i put a little more vicks on my chest to suppress it and it feels like it’s going away again. keep your voice off and your physical activities to a minimum and this should cure you. [;

  179. You are allergic to dust mites!!

  180. Of course the vicks on the feet work..but thats when you get the flu combined with a cough…on the other hand, if you have only a dry annoying cough…the vicks will not work…

    I’m also immpressed with all the comments left…

    my favorite the tea with lemon juice..
    I drink it when i get menstral cramps and it works wonders for that…

  181. True, True, True, True,True, True, True, True
    it’s True, True,True

  182. True, True, True, True,True, True, True, True
    it\’s True, True,True

  183. Read all the comments, if you guys don’t alter your lifestyle these health problems will continue to occur. The onset of summer means cold drinks, cold beer or just cold water from the refrigerator. We will fall sick because we have been abusing our body over a long period of time.

    These remedies will work, but don’t expect a miracle to occur in a few days, because the phlegm inside our body has been accumulating for a long period of time, and it will take days to melt it away.

  184. Amazing!!! Desperate to help my daughter stop coughing so we could sleep I tried this. Within 30 min. her coughing stopped by 90%. Don’t know why it works, but it does.

  185. Amazing!!! Desperate to help my daughter stop coughing and get some sleep I tried this. Within 30 min. of putting the vapo-rub on her feet the coughing stopped by 90%. Don’t know why it works, but it does!

  186. I tried massaging vicks into my testicles, it really works well!

  187. Jim you asshole!! It burns!!!!

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  189. Tea, Vicks — chest, neck, feet…, Cough drops, Warm bath, hot milk and honey, Peppermint, humidifier, Some times when people are sick they need to sweat it out! So bundle yourself warm, Also it works if you let the hot water run and breathe in the humid bathroom air .

  190. does milk hafta be warm?

  191. i have uncontrollable dry cough. everytime i breath out i get the feeling and have ta cough. once i start it keeps coming.i sound like a wild animal making a sound in the woods. worse in the early morning. i have not been sick at all…not even the sniffles.
    got this, try 1/2 cup of warm milk mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of TURMERIC POWDER. let me know how it works on good now. bye

  192. Vicks dry cough syrup works the best!! Almost worked imediatly for me! The very next day I saw results and then in 3 days completly gone!!

  193. Call me 4167045938

  194. two teaspoons of vinegar seems to be working

  195. Drink some lemsip MAX lemon and mint flavour with some honey, dont fully boil the water or it wont work, wont taste nice but will help propper, and put vicks vapor rub between your nose and upper lip, this will help you breath without coaghing, do this every 4 hours.

    Hope this helps you lot

  196. I’m an ex smoker. During the damp winter months I often get such a dreadful dry cough. The worst thing is lying in bed at night and constantly coughing. My wife really suffers too from lack of sleep due to the racket I’m making!

    What I find good is a homemade cough remedy. What I do is boil some water. Fill a mug with the boiled water, and add several spoons of honey, along with a squeeze of freshly squeezed lemon. If you have Manuka honey better still.

    Sip that homemade cough remedy and hopefully it will ease your dry cough and help you get to sleep.

  197. I’m an ex smoker. During the damp winter months I often get such a dreadful dry cough. The worst thing is lying in bed at night and constantly coughing. My wife really suffers too from lack of sleep due to the racket I’m making!

    What I find good is a homemade cough remedy. What I do is boil some water. Fill a mug with the boiled water, and add several spoons of honey, along with a squeeze of freshly squeezed lemon. If you have a good quality Manuka honey better still. Believe me, Manuka does make a difference.

    Sip that homemade cough remedy and hopefully it will ease your dry cough and help you get to sleep.

  198. I’m an ex smoker. During the damp winter months I often get such a dreadful dry cough. The worst thing is lying in bed at night and constantly coughing. My wife really suffers too from lack of sleep due to the racket I’m making!

    What I find good is a homemade cough remedy. What I do is boil some water. Fill a mug with the boiled water, and add several spoons of honey, along with a squeeze of freshly squeezed lemon. If you have a good quality Manuka honey better still. Believe me, Manuka does make a difference.

    Sip that homemade cough remedy and hopefully it will ease your dry cough and help you get to sleep.

  199. Thanks a lot for sharing these wonderful tips to stop cough. Very useful information indeed.

  200. Ok… Do this, it will work for stopping the Cough..

    Spit out Constantly when you get the cough…

    You will see the progress the cough interval will increase
    after 15mts.

    then finally it stops.

  201. vicks vaporizer in your room at night is the best investment IMO! I have used this everytime my daughter gets a cold and it’s the only thing that helps her sleep without coughing!

  202. Vicks now has a humidifier fluid that you mix in with the water

    I have some at my house but i have no idea where the humidifier is : (

    im at the point where i cough soo much i have to throw-up… so i feel like hell right now

  203. get i vicks vaporizer worked brill for me as a kid whish i new wat my mum did with it im sick of coughin so much that i throw up

  204. I found a quick remedy for my wife’s dry cough, a sharp machete to the neck.

    “I used to love her,
    but I had to kill her,
    I used to love her,
    but I had to kill her,
    She coughed so much,
    She drove me nuts,
    And now I’m happier this way”

  205. i’ve had my cough fo 2 weeks now and they’re mostly worse when i run, walk to fast and when i lay down (after a few minutes of coughing at night i finally stop and get some sleep) however i’m terribly worried as it said chronic coughs last for more than 2-3 weeks and dry coughs which lead on to plhem (green, yellow, rusty brown or with blood) after a while, with headaches, rapid heartbeat and shotness of breath even when resting are symtoms of PUEMONIA! AAAAAAAAARGH i only have the cough but noe i feel plghm in my chest but its not coming out so i can’t see its colour, i’ve never had a cough cold before just the runny nose type, is mine more serious :O :’( i don’t want any lung diseases i’m only 16, this cough drives me crazy, also one symptom of puemonia is loss of appetite which i certainly don’t have but it said you dnt have to have all the symtoms to get puenmonia!!!! I’M TERRIFIED, if i take lozenges it stops for a min while im sucking it but once i finished it comes back but worse!!!!!! this is new to me :’( am i going to die?!!! (sorry if i sound crazy, its the cough i’ve never had before!)
    now im getting a running nose as well as a cough my lucky day uh?
    PS Rachel you’re funny btw xD!


  207. use milk

  208. then add pepper….works a treat

  209. Kristie, you english not so good. You real pretty blond lady or from Phillipines or China maybe?? Me love when people pretend be someone who they not really.
    Either that or me guess that english not required to succeed med school in Virginia.

  210. try some breath freshner spearmint or pepermint spray works a treat i never had anythink from the above lists over the last just under 3 years lol but my mum has been up now for the last like week and its waking me up so i searched the whole house thinking of somthing i could give her and this seem to keep the cough at bay just whilst we watched tv atleast lol :D

  211. To be honest, the only thing that helps me with a bad cough is getting nice and drunk till ya pass out, just make sure that in your drunken state you eat a bit of cucumber and have a glass of orange juice or lemonade before bed, this will help you not have a hangover in the morning (cucumber – great source of electrolytes, and the citric acid in the orange juice or lemonade will help your liver process all the alchohol) good-luck everyone!


  212. Im now sitting awake at 5am after coughing constantly and in the end had to get up. I’ve now had some useless cough medicine, hot
    Milk and I’m sucking a cough sweet, if this doesn’t work I don’t know what else to do.

    I have a herbal tea I’ve been drinking that usually helps made up of..

    Twinings camomile tea,
    Lemon juice,

    It also tastes great.

  213. Im now sitting awake at 5am after coughing constantly and in the end had to get up. I\’ve now had some useless cough medicine, hot
    Milk and I\’m sucking a cough sweet, if this doesn\’t work I don\’t know what else to do.

    I have a herbal tea I\’ve been drinking that usually helps made up of..

    Twinings camomile tea,
    Lemon juice,

    It also tastes great.

  214. I\’ve been coughing for three nights now. I always get this Agee a bout of cold. I\’ve got a really bad dry tickly cough which always leads to me gagging or vomiting. I\’ve tried everything and finally found something which works! :) Benylin dry cough syrup. A spoon of it stops the cough immediately.

    I\’ve read the other treatments on here and fid the Vicks on feet to be a great idea. I\’m currently in bed , had a dose of benylin, vicks on feet , chest, neck and even some smeared inside my nostrils. And my head under the covers so that I inhale slightly humid air.

  215. I also have a dry cough (1 week).
    I just discovered instant relief while grating lemon zest. Inhaling the lemon oils seemed to help. Worth a try.
    Other thing is to take a t-spoon of honey when throat is irritated. Will help calm things.

  216. Apple cider vinegar does help! I tried it myself, helped me a lot, thank you!

  217. Old fashioned Mom remedy: Get a bowl of steaming water and breathe it in while holding a towel over your head to tent it in. If you have a facial steamer you dont have to keep reheating the water. Twenty minutes will get you calmed down and breathing well for a few hours. Try this several times throughout the day. Breathe deep through your nose, which may take a few minutes before it opens up, and you will eventually feel it loosen down to your chest. If you don’t want to keep adding hot water to a bowl, turn on your shower, close the bathroom door and let the room steam up. Sit in there.

  218. Rub Vick\’s on your feet to get rid of dry coughs. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I don\’t know which is dumber. Posting that comment or actually trying it. While you\’re at it, rub some Icy Hot in your underwear. That\’s great for getting rid of dry coughs.

  219. I have had the worst dry cough of my life the past few nights. I was coughing so hard that I would vomit too. (The person in the hotel room next to me changed rooms in the middle of the night because I kept him up 2 nights!) I decided to try the Vick’s method since peppermints, cough syrup, steam, etc had failed me. I rubbed Vick’s Vapo Rub on both feet and put on socks then I rubbed it on my neck from gland to gland and from from my chin to my collar bone. To my surprise, I didn’t wake up one time with a cough AND my soar throat went away too. Something so easy worked! This will be my new remedy- I will not be buying bottle after bottle of cough syrup ever again- it tastes awful and only stops a cough immediately after taking it, an hour later your coughing again but it is too soon to take another dose.

    So, Jim you may not want to make fun of a solution that you haven’t tried because it actually did work for me. My husband thought I was an idiot for trying it too but guess who is the one that didn’t cough all night long- me!!!!!!!! Now, we are trying it on the kids tonight☺

  220. the ideal is perfecly nice and good

  221. I have had a dry cough for over a week and now know it is caused by the High Blood Pressure medication I was just put on.

    When looking into it I found out that MANY MANY people have developed a cough due to these meds. Lisinopril and Atenolol seem to be the main ones doing it but they go by many names so I would check into this if you are on any kind of hypertension medication. I guess they can try alternate meds to avoid it.

  222. Rest, fluids and codeine work. We all get on with things but don’t underestimate the power of rest! Cocodamol or dihydrocodeine relax your body including your chest et viola lot less coughing!

  223. Well I just went in put the vicks on the feet of my 9 year old. Which has this dry cough. He has been cough sleeping since 10pm. I hope it works. I feel so bad. I hate having a cough. What is up with all these coughs lately? I never had a cough growing up.

  224. Ok from 10pm to now which is 0131. My son has not coughed. I put the vicks on his feet. No socks!! I don’t know if that messes things up. He seems peaceful. I will let you know in the am. I have to get some sleep myself. :)


  226. good point.

  227. Rubbing Vicks on your feet works because of all the pressure points in the feet, that are connected to all the areas in your body! It gets absorbed quickly into the skin through the feet, so therefore it can start working quickly.

  228. Rubbing Vicks on your feet works because of all the pressure points in the feet, that are connected to all the areas in your body! It gets absorbed quickly into the skin through the feet, so therefore it can start working quickly.
    Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

  229. Rubbing Vicks on your feet works because of all the pressure points in the feet, that are connected to all the areas in your body! It gets absorbed quickly into the skin through the feet, so therefore it can start working quickly.
    Do not knock it till you have tried it.

  230. Sorry for the repeats, it told me there was a problem with my comment and to resubmit.

  231. Go to Fiji Island, nice and hot… Then no more Cough lol. Ginger and the Vick\’s good combination

  232. i do screamo in a band could that be the problem

  233. I have been coughing for a week now and I think the Vicks thing helps. My mom rubbed to on my feet and chest and I finally slept!!! 

  234. ok so im am coughing and its from my allergies and its horrible can someone help me

  235. HEY CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna die lol jkjk or am i?

  236. try blend red onion and honey i work for me

  237. there are some efictive Home Remedies for Dry Cough at my website

  238. the vicks on the feet WORKS !!! i was coughing for 2 hours non stop, it did take a half hour but i have now finally stopped !!!!!!! THANKYOU <3 xxx

  239. i just chew ginger raw(after taking off the skin)
    takes the cough away in a matter of days

  240. People what really works is Hotwater+ Honey +Lemon
    trust me it really works.I have a cough now and i am drinking it
    now it softens the cough. after that buy some medcine or put vicks on ur chest and back then ur cough is gone u have to do this for 1/2 weeks it matters on how long it takes u heal.
    My whole Family done it and really works.!!

    Peace Out!!!!!

  241. How to properly use this remedy:

    You put a glob of vicks between your hands, then you rub your hands together FAST, so to heat the vicks rub upin your hands first… then quickly rub on the bottom of your feet. Secondly, you must quickly put socks on, so to keep your feet warm and insolidated . The bottom line is to keep the heat in.

    I’ve used this technique for years, well over 30 years with my children, my grandchildren, and, my husband. If the cool air hits the skin in any way, shape or form, it negates the whole thing and can make it worse.

  242. wow! I found one that actually works. Reading comments!! I sat here coughing constantly, started reading the 200+ comments and realized i hadn’t coughed once. So I’m thinking its mind over matter. Distract yourself, read comments, read a book. (Yes, it is only a short fix, but just thought i’d post it out there.

  243. I started having this problem when I first started college. The coughing usually started after a cold/flu or cleaning with bleach and it was nonstop for weeks. I’d laugh, I’d cough…I’d talk too much…I’d cough. It was endless. I was finally diagnosed as having nasal drip..that tickling sensation in the back of the throat…with phlegm. It was so irritating! I was prescribed Robitussin w/codeine and nasal spray..and the first few times it worked. Many years later what finally worked for me was Nasonex and drinking “Tadin Bronco Te”. If you can’t get a hold of that tea..then try making a tea with fresh ginger, lemon and honey. It’s been almost a year and no more coughs… Still feel that phlegm once in a while, but at least I’m not coughing like crazy.

    Another quick trick to try when the coughs get really bad and you feel like your eyes are bulging out…grab a towel….run the bathroom sink with hot water…lower your face towards the sink bowl and cover your head and sink with the towel and just breathe in the warm vapor… It helps control the cough and get you over that unpleasant coughing episode.

  244. Interesting information regarding the cause of these persistent coughs:

  245. im trying it now its working alil so far , i’ve been coughing until i throw up

  246. I’ve had such annoying dry coughs every winter after a flu. My doctor always prescribes Flovent HFA – it’s for asthma patients but it works. Check with your physician.

  247. Hi,

    why come to cough in every 15 days once. pls tell me some answer.

  248. i had a very bad upper respiratory infection and couldnt stop coughing at all. i went to the doctor and i was prescribed cheratussin dac syrup and it stopped my cough immediately especially at night because it had some codeine in it. if coughing persists ask your doctor about it because it helped me

  249. Some if these comments are hilarious.

  250. What works for me is sucking on a Halls. I think the reason why is when I breathe through my mouth, it triggers the cough, so the halls keeps my mouth closed. You’re probably thinking I breathe with my mouth open… well I don’t :l
    I do it because my nose is full of unknown substance.

  251. Hi My husband have a bad cough and he just cannot sleep at night since a couple of days. He tried everything from gargling, Tea, ginger honey lemon tea, Vicks on chest, back and nose and Nothing helped really. Yesterday he came across this website at 3.00 am in the morning and saw the suggestion to RUB VICKS on his feet. He was so desperate that he tried that and it did WONDERS!
    It is an absolute magic. Thanks for the suggestion.

  252. This is a nice suggestion for me kristie.Thanks a lot. i\’m a heavy tobacco users like Hans,Raja khaini,etc,,now its working n have reduce so much on it.Thanks


  254. I just tried the Vicks on my feet and chest – I have been coughing since 8pm – 5 hours and now I have finally stopped – I have to try it its amazing – thanks guys

  255. Hi There try using a ventolin, take 2 uffs and see if it will make it better, secially if you have it late night and during the night to early mornings as it can be some sort of an allergy,
    Get an test done to see how high your allergies are, my doctor did it for me just to see if there were allergies as I have ost nasal dri had a bad mucas cough, that I was on antibiotics and that heled get the infection off most of it at least, but nw I have a dry cough sometimes mucas, take some brewed ginger in hot water during the day it hels to break mucas down, also get a vitamin to for boosting your immune system, it is good,
    My allergy test came as 1666, the normal level is between zero and two hundred saw an ENT he has asked me to take rednasloan tablets 1 a day in the morning for 7 days , half for the next 7 and half alternate days as well as demazine tablet in the night for thorty days do you know if it is good taking so much o sloan tablets and I am worried that the demazine will hel me to slee and I might have roblems sleeing after the 3 days are over any ideas or information will hel as I haven started it yeat and should have done it from Wednesday, He also is trying to see what the alleries are so he has sent me to do a testing for dander , dust, ollen, and animal I know what the answer is going to be most roblably high for all,
    I also have asthma, I loose my voice or it gets hoarse, quite a lot and sometimes feel like there is something in the throat as It might be badly irritated with the coughing I also take seratide accuhaler every night as I have hayfever,
    Since Setember last year my throat hasnt felt normal due to all the allergies getting worse, thyroid test was ok, blood test ws ok other thatn the vitamin d and allergy test, did a coule of sancs around the throat last year and they were alright but I now get a neck ain every now and then at the back of neck doctor says it is maybe due to my stressing about thing wonder if there is anything that is occuring at the back of neck that causing this sensation in throat , had the throat thing before the nexck ain anyway, had an x ray done on the back when I went to the chirco as I wanted to get a massage and see if he noticed anything but they were alright x rays,
    So now I leave it n gods hands what else can I do
    Anyway kee some lollies like eucalytus, or butter mentithol and suck on them

  256. well you need to get hot glass of water put on spoonful of fresh honey and stur it and there you go

  257. well you need to get hot glass of water put on spoonful of fresh honey and stur it and there you go

  258. If the dry coughing is allergy related the Vicks trick won’t help. My son had a dry cough for 2 years he developed asthma cause he had allergies and it was left untreated (thanks to the doctors always prescribing cough syrup). Drink warm Lavender tea throughout the day, a spoon of pine needle honey daily, air purifier, and if you can take walks on the beach or breathe in done crisp mountain air it really helps, also try coughing through your nose to increase your co2 levels

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