How to Stop Adult Drooling, Tips and Treatment Options

There are several ways to stop adult drooling, from Vaseline to surgery.

Drooling is cute for babies, but when you’re an adult it’s embarrassing. Many things can cause and adult to drool and fortunately there are several treatment options to stop the drooling.

One of the simplest tips to stop noticeable drooling is to build a ‘dam’ of sorts in the corner of your mouth with Vaseline. Apply a dab of Vaseline in the corner of your mouth where the drool escapes most often and that will keep it from leaking out.

Botox injections work for some people to stop adult drooling. Botox also makes the drooling worse for others, so you have about a 50/50 chance with this treatment option.

Medications that have the side effect of dry mouth is a treatment option to stop adult drooling. Medications to stop an over active bladder like Detrol LA, skin patches to stop sea-sickness and other medication for the digestive track often create ‘dry mouth’ and will stop adult drooling. Talk to your doctor about one that may be right for you.

An ear, nose and throat specialist can tie off some of the saliva ducts or remove some of the saliva glands to stop severe cases of adult drooling.

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