How to Stop Nausea

It’s no fun when you’re experiencing the symptom of nausea. Here are seven simple solutions to this problem.

Nausea can be an extremely uncomfortable sensation that can be triggered by a variety of causes including viruses, certain medications, travel, pregnancy, chronic indigestion, and any number of disease states. The most important thing to do before treating nausea is to determine the cause. Nausea can be a sign of serious illness particularly when it includes symptoms of vomiting, high fever, or abdominal pain. If you have any of these symptoms or don’t know the cause of your nausea, see your doctor before attempting to self treat your symptoms. Once you know your nausea isn’t due to serious illness, it can help to know how to stop nausea using simple remedies. Here are some at home treatments to help stop nausea:

Drink a Glass of Clear, Flat, Carbonated Soda

You probably already know that clear soft drinks such as Sprite can help with symptoms of nausea but the carbonation can end up causing indigestion and further stomach upset. Open a can of Sprite and allow it to set in the refrigerator until it loses its fizz. Sip it slowly and feel your nausea slip away.

Use the Power of Acupressure

It’s a little known fact that you can stop nausea by gently compressing the webbed portion of your hand extending between the thumb and the index finger. Apply pressure for around a minute before releasing. This is a quick and simple technique that really works for many people.

Eat Something Salty

If your nausea is not so severe that you’re unable to eat, get a salty cracker from your kitchen cabinet and eat it very slowly. The salt on the cracker can sometimes stop nausea symptoms.

Chew some Gum

Sometimes chewing on peppermint gum will stop nausea. If you don’t have peppermint gum on hand, adding a bit of peppermint extract to warm tea can provide some relief.

Discover the Power of Ginger

It’s been known that ginger can cure nausea for over 2,000 years. Raw ginger is a bit unappetizing when you’re experiencing nausea. The best way to consume it is to take two or three ginger capsules twice a day until your nausea subsides. Ginger is also excellent for relieving the symptoms of chronic indigestion and motion sickness.

If All of the Above Fails

If you fail to get relief from the above natural remedies, there are some excellent anti-nausea medications on the market that your doctor can prescribe for you. The most common side effects include drowsiness. If your nausea is due to morning sickness, you’ll want to check with your doctor before taking these prescription medications.

As a Last Resort

Sometimes the best method for stopping nausea is to allow yourself to vomit. This brings instant relief to your suffering. Many people will fight the urge to vomit which may not be the best solution in the long run.

Knowing how to stop nausea quickly and effectively can come in handy. Try some of these techniques and you’ll be able to get back to the more important things in life.

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  1. HI
    Please help me….i am always nauseous and i am NOT pregnant. no matter what i eat or don’t eat, i am always nauseous!!
    any thoughts??????/

  2. Perhaps you don’t eat often enough. I know when its been too long since I’ve eaten cause I’ll feel really sick. Try eating smaller meals/snacks more often throughout the day – that sometimes works for me.

  3. I found out I have IBS a while back ago,
    my IBS is more severe then other IBS because,
    normal IBS is abdominal pain, and constipation and things like that, but mines actually includes the problem of SUPER NAUSEA..
    and this is so bad, because Its my worst fear to throw up, so even feeling nauseated makes me go crazy. I take Zofran, and sometimes it helps, but most times it doesnt.
    I have it so bad as soon as I wake up in the morning, until I sleep. Its even difficult to sleep feeling it. I actually lost over 40 pounds because I rarely even eat now. I feel so bad, that I’ll feel like im falling of weakness, so Im going to take Vitamin Injections, and Im thinking of trying the “Ginger Pills” soon. I hope this works, and I can be able to eat again normally.
    Thanks for the advice:] && I also, am not pregnangt.
    Im 17 years old, and I started with severe IBS this january. Since then, I havent been able to be myself again.I am not a normal teenager, I cant even go to normal school for how sick I feel, mostly the nausea. I really hope Ginger helps. Oh! another thing, I like eating “Big Stick” when I feel sick, I guess the coldness of it, helps my stomach at times. & also, sometimes plain yogurt helps a little. About a spoon or two might help. I recommend to try these, but Im not sure it can help alot of people, maybe its just me. Who knows. I HOPE the Ginger Pills work 100%.. Ugh..

  4. okay im 22wks pregnant. and i feel really pukie…. i have been throwin up all day and i tried all of these and they dont work…..

  5. I’m fifteen and a half and I feel nauseous almost every day. I feel terrbily pukey all the time and I feel like I have a fever all the time as well. I just don’t know what to do. This summer I was sick in bed with nausea for four weeks straight. I never throw up from it, but I always feel like I will! I am so scared!

  6. Hi , I am 14 weeks pregnent and still feel the same sickness.. they told me it will stop but still not yet , the acetone always high in urine 4+, thats why I styed in hospital… what can I do to enjoy my pregnency ,this is my second baby .. plz help.

  7. Wow, this all sounds like me a year ago (minus the pregnancy). Last year I actually withdrew from college in mid-first semester because of it, and it wasn’t until the following spring that I discovered the secret to a normal life.

    I was diagnosed with IBS back about 2 months after first feeling sick, and it was basically a catch-all diagnosis; because after numerous tests, nothing was found wrong with me.

    My family and my girlfriend would get so tired of me… they called me a hypochondriac, and I felt totally alone. The IBS diet (low fat intake, and gentler foods) wasn’t really helping, and I thought I might be going crazy.

    To make a long story short, I slowly discovered that it was anxiety that was my problem. It was a hard pill to swallow at first, that all my problems might actually be in my head, but they were. I started working with myself, doing excercizes to calm myself down during attacks of nausea. I learned to not let myself become so irrational (puking was my biggest fear, too), when I felt a little queasy. I also began taking Zoloft to help with the general anxious feeling.

    Many months later, I am still not perfect, and I still get anxiety attacks occasionally, but I’m back in college, and I have a life again. Before I felt like I had no control over my body or my mind, but now I feel like I’m pretty solidly back on my feet.

    I hope this helps someone out there. I know many people in this situation won’t like hearing that “it’s all in their head,” but in reality, part of it probably is. I direct this post more specifically to Megan, IBS nausea girl, and nauseous woman. Your stories really reminded me of myself back then. I hope you all eventually get to a point where you can live normally again.

    And to Megan especially, 15 years old is a really tough age anyway, and High school only lasts a short time, so don’t let this totally destroy the couple of years you have left of it.

    And to everybody: good luck.


  8. Ive had nausea problems for coming on 4 years now. It has ruined my life and i can see no way forward at present.

    I am 28 years old and have in theory lost 4 years of my life because of this.

    As soon as my eyes open in the morning i get nausea, and this normally lasts until i go to bed :(

    I have had multiple tests, and even a camera down my throat, but the doctors say they cant find anything wrong. I was put on Prozak as the doctors decided it was in my head also, but these never helped.

    Im fed up to the point of frustration! 4 years and no cure? I lost my girlfriend of 7 years because i wouldn’t go out because i felt so ill, i cant eat like normal people, il have possibly 1 meal a day normally and some days i cannot even stomach that.

    Im losing more and more of my life because of this, and its very upsetting. I just wish i could wake up tomorrow and feel like i used to….do what i used to :(

    I cant work because i feel so ill, and yes i have tried. Im not a bum looking for an easy life…im a person that is broken and needs help

  9. I got put on an antidepressant, too, and it didn’t help me much either. And I feel for you with losing your girl… my relationship with her got pretty shaky for a while.

    Look into a possible physical reason for your anxiety, like a food sensitivity or an allergy of some kind. You would be amazed what can cause things like anxiety.

    Look up candida, for example. Basically, it’s a sugar sensitivity that can cause both intestinal and mental symptoms. Just don’t give up.

  10. this sound very interesting i feel nausious now i might bye ginger captials. that might help – 12

  11. does ginger help then????

    I have tried quite a few things but the only thing that seemed to have worked was acupuncture. The problem with this was it was 45 pounds a session and id need 2-3 a week…..too expensive for me to afford.

    I think i might give the ginger a go if it has worked for anyone???

  12. Ginger works great for me whenever my stomach is unsettled… I drink a lemon ginger tea made by Organic India. I think they make a honey ginger tea, too.

    The taste is a bit strong though, so if you don’t like the taste, the capsules are probably better for you.

  13. I know they have adjustable acupressure bands for nausea due to motion sickness.
    For those of you who are nauseous all the time, it could be some type of inner problem. The slightest swelling of the ear lining can make you feel like you have motion sickness.
    I would keep also saltines or pretzels on hand and eat those throughout the day. I know it is hard to eat when you feel pukey, but sometimes it is better to eat and the sick feeling will subside as an empty stomach is more likely to cause nausea esp. if you took cold or sinus medicine.
    Also, maybe the lower the blood sugar gets, the more ill you feel. Hypoglycemia maybe?

  14. Perhaps we are all suppressing the vomiting. If we should vomit, the nausea will be relieved instantly. Perhaps we should induce it?

  15. Hi,i have suffered fom severe nausea for about 6 years and thought there was something seriously wrong with me,but after a lot of tests there were no answers,i finally went on antidepressents and beta blockers and within days i had a complete nervous breakdown,i now know that my nausea is caused by nerves and panic attacks i have learnt breathing techniques to deal with the attacks,for instance i breath in for 4 and out for 6,then if i have an attack i hold my breath for 10 seconds i also meditate at night and make sure i am eating regularly,im doing much,much better now,i still feel sick a lot but i think that will go as my confidence grows,its like learning to walk again,you get stuck in a rut and you have to change the signals being sent to your brain so it knows that everyday activities arent dangerous,look up the FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE.
    Not eating really wont help,you could cause hypoglycemia which will make you feel worse,if you feel to sick to eat try dry toast or biscuits and just eat little and often.I would also recommend really focusing on how your actually feeling,instead of just saying ‘i feel sick’that might not actually be the case you might be feeling hungry or thirsty.The last thing that really helps me is focusing on something else,i actually knit but it can be anything as long as you need to concentrate on it like doing your times tables in your head or playing a game on the computer then see how your feeling after an hour,if your feeling better then it was probably just nerves.

    I hope some of that might help,it certainly helps me,there is an end and i can see it now dont give up just keep fighting and it will make you stronger in the long run. xx

  16. Hi guys, I’ve been dealing with chronic nausea for about 8 years now. It all started when I graduated from highschool and since then, it has ruined almost every aspect of my life. I’ve had many physical tests ran on me and they all came up fine, much like Rob’s post. I believe that is caused by anxiety, because I can eat food and be fine and then the second something comes up and I have to leave my house, I start feeling sick and usually end up vomiting. Any situation that causes the slighest anxiety (good or bad), I start feeling sick. I’m thinking about seeing a doctor and asking for some type of medication. Any suggestions?

  17. I had a fever this morning and was very nauseous.
    I asked my dad to buy some saltines and so far they’ve helped.
    I suggest eating those since they do taste good!

  18. have any of you been checked for an ulcer? if you drink milk does it stop the nausea? cuz that would indicate you just have a high acidity level which might cause the vomity feeling, especially when you are lying down.

  19. I had constant nausea for several years. I would dry heave in the mornings. It ended up being my gallbladder. It wasn’t gall stones. My gallbladder wasn’t functioning right. There is a test called a “pipida” test that will determine if your gallbladder is working right.

  20. I too suffer from severe nausea. I’m 16 years old and it has been happening for a couple yyears. I am extremly emteaphobic which means I am deathly afraid to throw up. I dont have an eating disorder but I refuse to eat most of the time because the fear of getting nauseous and throwing up. because I couldn’t sleep I was put on seroqul to sleep, it causes me severe anixety and I start to shake. to calm my nerves I smoke a lot of cigarettes. ive had a camera put down my throat and they still didnt find out was wrong they told me it was all in my head. I take nau-zene to help with the nausea and it helps most of the time, if you have anymore ideas to help please write back. thanks

  21. i get nausea time to time…it sucks and i find that when lying down, lie on your left side…it help digest food quicker so it might help you with that..its not fast acting…but i find it works very well!!

  22. Glad i found this post as it has helped me see i’m not alone. I’ve had attacks of Nausea for as long as i can remember – i’m only 21 now. Had all tests – all clear. Been on prozac too – didn’t help. I’ve even been up to A&E and even the THREE different types of anti-nausea medication they injected (not at the same time obviously) didn’t touch it. My friends have all gone as i can never see them as i always feel so ill and now even my mother says she’s had enough of me. I feel so down because of it. I’ve tried everything i can think of and nothing works.

  23. Try some pot.

  24. I’m feeling really nauseous right now. I threw up, but i still feel nauseous….

  25. Sorry to hear you still feel sick Lori. It’s so awful being nauseous. I don’t know how some have you have coped with such extended periods.I hope youe symptoms have improved.
    The things I’ve tried are the ‘Morning Well’ sound tapes/cd which play sequences of tones and music to interfere with messages from the vomit centre in the brain. Also Motilium or Domperidone.
    The stomach flu viruses get me most times plus stress and anxiety when I was in my 20’s. I also used Prozac for anxiety linked depression. It helped in the long term but there seemed to be a peek in my life when anxiety was just the order of the day.
    In Germany once the stress of flying over there made me a rethching zombie and their doctor came out and gave me an injection which worked brilliantly. Over here they still try to treat nausea post op. by mouth! Madness..I wish I had an anti-nausea ‘Epi-Pen’ type kit at times!

  26. marijuana is the number one cure for nausea smoke a joint you wont die u will be cured of your nausea and you will have an appetite..that is why weed is legally prescribed to patients under going chemo promote a healthy appetite. smoking isnt bad unless u abuse it.

  27. I had has severe nausea for quite some years to, and yes marijuana gets rid of it with one puff. But I don’t want to have to depend on it that my friend i classify as an addiction. This made me feel a little more normal, but I would rather not relate lol. I would love to find the root of the problem cause you can’t always smoke a blunt or smoke a bowl.

  28. Ugh, I think I might have the flu…

  29. Hey,

    i havent posted here for a while and was looking for a cure for my ongoing nausea lol

    Im still on meds…..going to the docs again tomorrow to see what else he can do for me as nothing is working and im getting to the point where i will just take all my pills in one hit and end it all!!!

    This will be year 5 and i really cannot take any more of this. I have just lost another girlfriend to my nausea….i was with her for a year but in the end she couldnt cope with my problems. This seems to be the way my life is set to continue as far as i can see.

    Some of the drugs i have been prescribed:

    Peroxatine – i am on these now

    I have been on a number of other drugs over the past 5 years and none have helped….maybe its not anxiety????

    Yea i feel worse if i have to do something like go to the shops, but i feel equally as ill just sitting indoors when i have nothing to do….no stress.

    Like now……i woke up and fealt sick, went back to sleep to ease the sickness, but as soon as i open my eyes/wake up im nauseaus again…it just doesnt make sense!!!!!

    Ive lived a normal life with nothing major gone wrong in it….apart from this lol. Ive had good jobs, been all over the world and then 5 years ago for no reason this happened.

    I was in crete, had to go to hospital as i was really ill and ever since that day i have never fealt the same.

    Any advice is gratefully welcomed…please feel free to email me on : if you feel you want to chat about your experiences…or think you can help me :)

  30. I used to have constant feeling of nausea last year around February and into this year of Jan/February. I was very stressed and even when i had nothing to stress about i would think and worry about upcoming events, if i’m going to be nauseated that day, am i going to be able to eat, and tons of different things! The thing that cured me was forcing myself to eat, eat saltine crackers as snacks, drinking sprite constantly, doing breathing exercises and just forgetting about things. Sometimes its just all in your head. IF you think your sick, your going to feel sick or more sick than you are. I was going to start going to therapy for my stress and anxiety but i cured myself. You HAVE to force yourself to be normal and eat and drink! You can’t let it stop you from living your life :] in my case and most cases unrelated to pregnancy and sickness, its just anxiety or stress…it’s all in your head.

  31. nausea is just a symptom, not the actual problem.

  32. I am 24 years old, and let me tell you I have been through a lot of health things so far, first was Pneumonia with an empyema with a 3 hour operation, then came nausea, vomiting, and then Pain. It was my gall bladder. I had GAll STONES. I had the gall bladder removed and was fine for a few days. I’m back to having nausea, vomiting and just feeling bad. I am not pregnant by the way. I have tried phenergen (works but can’t stay on for to long), Ginger tea, Sea bands (accupressure bands) I am so tired of being sick every day. I have lost a lot of weight.

  33. i was just wondering if any of you may have laberynthitus? This is a condition which causes dizziness and balance issues, it can cause nausea and vomiting.
    Anyway, i am having a nose job tomorrow and i have wanted it all my life but im feeling really nauseas tonight and have done for a few days, do you think it is down to nerves? I have emetophobia (fear of sickness) So i am petrified of throwing up. What shall i do people??

  34. wow… i’m not alone! i feel sick all the time and i’m sooo scared of throwing up! i actually envy people that vomit and can continue on with their day… i would rather feel nauseous than throw up though how sick is that? (no pun intended) i take phenergan to ease the feeling and maxalon when really bad.. question – is there a cure for emetophobia? will i ever feel normal again? i dont bother going for tests coz i know that just in my head.

  35. Help I am scared to death of trowing up I fight it
    everyday ihav constant nausea I’ve had tests did any
    of u check ur thyroid because my nausea is pointing towards
    that area and if it wasn’t for the nausea I would
    hav been dead right now it’s a long story but I find
    having a positive attitude helps and believing that it’s
    in ur head smotimes it just might work but pleas help I don’t
    wanna hav nausea I don’t wanna trowup

  36. Help I am scared to death of trowing up I fight it
    everyday ihav constant nausea I\’ve had tests did any
    of u check ur thyroid because my nausea is pointing towards
    that area and if it wasn\’t for the nausea I would
    hav been dead right now it\’s a long story but I find
    having a positive attitude helps and believing that it\’s
    in ur head smotimes it just might work but pleas help I don\’t
    wanna hav nausea I don\’t wanna trowup

  37. When I was four my brother was born and he is disabled and has many health issues, we’ve been in every area in the hospital for him except the part for cancer. He’s almost passed away 9 times. When I was seven my grandmother passed away from Ovarian Cancer and when i was between the ages of 4-7 i had met lots of very nice people who had cancer and tumors who almost all have died since.
    In the summer of 2007 I went to the PNE with my grandparents and my cousin and my grandpa had gotten food poisining and was throwing up i could hear all of it and THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME I WAS NAUSEAOUS, since then i have had nausiea continuausly i have seen numerous doctors and theyve put me on domperadone (which didnt help) in switzerland when i was visiting family i had gone to see a doctor because i was nauseaus all day and wasnt eating or drinking anything and he had put me on Peprerin or something like that which helped a bit. I am not nauseaus all day but, at night i am and in the morning until i go outside to get the bus. Most of the doctors i had seen before the one i have now have said it was linked to stress and in some ways i believe them but, none of them had done anything to help it they just told me that and then told me to leave. Then the doctor that i am seeing now has said it is just linked to growing to fast andd because i have hit the age of puberty ( I’m only twelve. this is going to be the third year of me having this) He said that i have acid reflux. But, i dont know how to get rid of it i cant stay overnight at friends houses because im afraid of if im going to get nauseaus and how bad its going to get ive rarely thrown up but when i have theres been no reason to why. Im a worrysome person too when theres something like staying overnight somewhere i immediatly get nauseaous because of worrying. I dont know how not too. And this year my class might go to Quebec for a week and do an exchange. I’m really nervous and want to go but, i cant if i’m nauseaous. I hope someone can help me. Since i’ve read everyones entries ive found out that i’m not alone.

  38. I get extremely nausea when I lie flat on my back or do floor exercises. Does anyone have any ideas what causes this?

  39. No matter what or when I eat or don’t eat, I am always nauseous. It’s been this way for approx the past month (more on and off before this past month). Does anyone have an answer for me on why I feel this way? I don’t think I am pregnant because I’ve had my period.

  40. I am a kid and I am always nauseous. I am very under weight, and I am a very picky eater. VERY picky. I hate being nauseous all the time, and I miss some school from it because sometimes it can feel horrible. I tried throwing up, but I can’t throw up. I don’t like ginger, or a lot of these methods. HELP!!!

  41. im taking promethazine for my nausea doesnt work i tried ginger, crackers, ginger ale, those wrist bands, i tried everything! oh not to mention im 8 weeks pregnant and been trowing up for 2 months straight. just recently i been throwing up blood. went to the emergency room and they said it was normal so i dont know what to do im miserable and hate being pregnant to be honest i just wish i would just die

  42. i am always feeling sick light headed and the the worst part is the nausea it want go away most days it make me feel sick to my stomach and dizzie after it stars i eat normal meals i even treid eatting more salt on food to help with it but that not very helthy..can any one help me

  43. sounds like you should talk to your OBGYN. you might have hyperemisisgravaderim (i think thats how you spell it). Which just means your pregnant and you vomit alot. They can get you meds. But the best thing I could suggest is…keep crackers by your bed and a bottle of opened sprite. Eat small meals, bland food. Also try accupuncture tricks…they make these wrist bands for car sickness called SeaBands. I used them when I was pregnant and it helped alot.

  44. hey i think I have acid reflux and polos really help me also try and have a poo!

  45. Im 13 and i have a phsycological problem, i have emetophobia wich is a fear of being sick. I stress out before meals and when it comes to eating them i feel sick. I see a doctor every 3 weeks but its ruing my life. I think positivly but now its een going on for 5 1/2 years. PLEASE HELP”

  46. ive had nausea for the past 10 days and it all started when i was in my car and just started to feel really sweaty and hot. a few days later i went to the doctor and he prescribed some pills for vertigo, i took the pill and went to sleep and woke up and started dry heaving, i think i stopped myself from throwing up, i dont really know, i ended up at the hospital and they told me that i may have the startings of an ulcer as ive only had nausea, nothing else. banana’s help my nausea.. but i really wish it would just go away for good. im only 16 so i cant go out with my friends because im scared im going to throw up everywhere, any ideas on what i can do?

  47. I am 13 and every night i stay up until about 2 – 3am with nausea
    Nothing helps me, I use something to distract myself, like a book or a DVD, it eventually wears off. But it still annoys me because although I know I’m not really sick, it still keeps me up all night. Is there anything that will prevent nausea instead of getting rid of it when its already started.

  48. I went through what you did for two years..lost 80lbs and wanted to die. They FINALLY found a tear where the old mesh had been installed sideways across me which never showed on all the MRI’s and X-rays and scopes they did. When my entire front tore open and I had emergency surgery from the breastbone to the pubic bone, THEN they found it. I was better for a few years but back to constant nausea again and looking at this site for help before I go back to the surgeons. I have medical marijuana..which helps greatly as I can’t hold anything in or down me. Also peppermint, ginger, and parsley helps me to eat and keep it down food when I can.

  49. have you ever looked into “cyclic vomiting syndrome”?

  50. You poor thing! That sounds exactly like what I have which is “cyclic vomiting syndrome”. I have struggled with my symptoms for years and just met a doctor who actually knew about CVS. Jessica

  51. thank you this page has saved me in my time of hangoverness :s

  52. Rob In The Uk UPDATE!!!!

    Discovered the reason for my nausea maybe this could be your problem too.

    I have just had a new kitchen fitted, durng the process of taking out the old kitchen they found a pin hole gas leak behind a cabinet.

    I have been reading up on Natural Gas and it turns out exposure to this will make you nauseas!!!!

    Its been a week since the leak was repaired and i already feel about 50% better!! I dont feel as sick when i wake up, i dont feel like im going to start shaking!

    This could be the answer to all of my problems

    PLEASE if you cannot find a cure check your gas pipes and apliances as a doctor will never put 2 and 2 together….i didnt even think it could be gas until i read up on it!

    Looks like 2010 may be a good year for me :)

  53. Haa .. i read all of these cause i was bored one night!! Good for you Rob in the UK!! :D .. i dont feel nauseas all the time .. its mostly mornings and nigths .. and maybe one odd day a week i will feel nauseas all day .. but i have always been able to keep it down .. but i know that if i do its just going to stay there .. but sometimes i know its because ive eaten too much too quickly but then like 15 minutes afterwards .. im starving and not just ‘aww im hungry now’ its like full on stomach pain because its rumblign so much .. but i know i shouldnt be hungry .. anyone know what might be causing this? Rachel, 15 x

  54. To those of you who they can’t find anything wrong…have you been tested for H. Pylori? I caught a stomach flu back in January…then a cold, then another stomach flu, and I have NOT been myself since! I got the scope down my throat and was diagnosed with severe gastritis. Since I don’t fit the profile for someone who caused it due to lifestyle (I’m not an Advil pill popper, I don’t smoke or drink…), my doctor gave me a test for H. Pylori and is treating me with antibiotics. I haven’t got the test back yet (my doc is convinced it is H. Pylori which is why she began treatment before the test came back), but it was the only thing that fit. You might have to badger your doctor a little…mine only decided to do the test after I want to a GI doc. It’s worth a shot, certainly!

  55. Ginger is amazing stuff, I highly promote it to anyone who is feeling upset stomach or motion sickness. Pills are convenient, but I make tea with it.

    Boil enough water for a cup of tea in a small pan with about 1 teaspoon grated ginger in it. (Ginger is strong, you don’t need much).

    Use this water to make tea for yourself, the combination of ginger and warm drink can really save you.

    Great for girls suffering from menstrual nausea.

  56. Right back again lol

    Im not sure that it was the gas now as its now what….4 weeks down the line and im feeling as bad as i did for the past 5 years!!!!!!!!!

    I think gas may have been a contributing factor but not the whole problem :(

    Im now back to square one by the look of things so im very very very annoyed to say the least!

    Im back at the point where im too nauseas to eat, wake feeling sick, go to bed feeling sick. Im tired of this and really dont think i can carry on if this is what my future is to hold :(

    Im 30 years old but have only lived for 25 years!!! My doctors are useless, the medication doesnt work and i cant get scans or xrays for some reason!!! The most i have had was an Endoscopy about 4 years ago, since then its been medication and CBT oh and some blood tests.

    I believe there is something seriously wrong with my body…i would not be surprised if i had Cancer as the weight loss and nausea seem to tie in with this. As does the aching bones that i also get….but thats the least of my worries when i feel nauseas.

    I have tried just about everything to stop the nausea but nothing has ever worked, im at the point where i want to give up :(

    Life is for living….i cant live, i am just here, slowly rotting away while life passes me. Im disgusted with my doctors they offer nothing but pills!

    They have never took me in for observation, wouldnt attend my house (which is literally 50 feet away) when i have been so ill i cant move, never taken a urine test, never done a physical, they dont even look at me half the time. They just sit there reading their screen ready to print a prescription for drugs!!

    Im not hopeful any more, one time i thought i could get over this but now it seems more and more likely this is the way my life is mapped out to be….or lack of it.

    Im glad a lot of you find cures to your problems and im truly happy for the ones who have been cured :)

    Thanks for taking your time to read, and i will try and get back and let you know how my life is going in a month or 3.

  57. The peppermint solution is really helpful.
    Really strong peppermint mints also work (:

  58. Hey,
    I’ve been feeling (not actually being) nauseous for 4 weeks now. I am petrified of throwing up so badly that somedays all ill eat is a slice of toast. I go to school and stuff and sometimes when I have something to take my mind of being sick I feel fine. Does that mean it is all in my head? If it is I’m not old enough to be on pills and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

  59. Rob and everyone else,

    Don’t give up! If your Dr. will not help you, then keep searching for one that will. Nausea is a very connon symptom of many things; and by the way, anxiety is not an “in your head” problem, it’s a chemical imbalance. Have your “NEW” doctor check you for a thyroid problem or lead poisoning. Most doctors will not check for these things and they will often dismiss your nausea as anxiety. BUT, there is something that causes anxiety (like a thyroid problem) and it is usually caused by a virus of some sort.

    I’m not sure Rob, but wasn’t it you who posted that you started getting nausea after you were very sick and had to go to the hospital years ago?

    I had the H1N1 virus last summer and had been feeling bad ever since (nausea, anxiety etc…) and my doctor tested me for a thyroid problem and low and behold… that’s what it was!!! I am on thyroid medication and I feel great everyday.

    Everyone, don’t give up; fina a doctor who will help you.

  60. Hi Everyone
    I have been feeling constantly nauseous for about 8 months but I\\\\\\\’ve had frequent illness for about 2 years

    My family thinks I\\\\\\\’m trying to get attention so I dont bother to tell them anymore.They say Im a hypercondriact.

    Its got so bad that I actually got kicked out of college because I was so frequently absent

    I dont know what to do anymore!!!

    What makes it worse is that Im emetophobic so I\\\\\\\’m terrified of throwing up and feeling sick.Because of this I wont go near anyone who is near and I wont eat any food that looks off,even if it isnt.I have also become an insomniac(its 2:30am here)

    I really need some advice.I dont know whats wrong with me.
    If you can help me,I\\\\\\\’d really appreciate it

  61. Hi from reading all these postis it\’s nice to know that i\’m not alone but i suffer from really bad nausea most days. I have been to the doctor so many times and tried omeprazole, migraleve (doctor said it was abdominal migraine) beta blockers, IBS medication and nothing works. I\’ve also had anti sickness medication-metoclopramide which worked but made me so drowsy I couldn\’t take it in the day and am now on domperidone which doesn\’t really seem to be working.

    I\’m 18 and doing my A levels-my first exam is in a week and i can\’t concentrate to revise because of the nausea. I\’m seeing a counsellor and have been referred to an occupational therapy team to deal with anxiety but won\’t get an appointment for a while. Does anyone have any immediate (non medication) solutions to help with the nausea? This has been going on for around 4 months now and its taking over my life its really important to me that I do well in my exams.

  62. Hi rob,dont give up!i started feeling as you described 5yr ago,was given everythin possible until i had enough.I later went to a phycologist as i was suisidal was told it was a underlying anxiety attacks i was experiencing and given breathing techniques i didnt hold much hope until i started giving it a go,now i still get chronically ill but i relize whats happening(own the problem) and go with it talking my way through it,somtimes it helps to distract yourself with somthing or call someone and chat you will often find it subsides,Dont end things though my partner did that and although i understand why,i wished i could of taken his hand and showed him what in life was to come,you can never come back,and dont worry about losing gfs if they cant stick with you threw good and bad they not worth it,all the best

  63. Every Monday I used to throw up. It was because of nerves and being afraid to go to school. So, I would miss a lot of school. After I moved in with a family friend, I stopped be nauseous. I think people should change the way they live. Because it works, that’s why!

  64. I find that spearmint tictacs help me… I just slowly suck on one and my nausea goes.

  65. I’m 17 and suffer from anxiety. I panic about silly things like a check-up at the dentist, job interviews, going out on a date, etc, almost always to the point where I feel sick and shaky. Heck, I even freak out about stuff wayyyy off in the future, like weddings and babies :S my anxiety has been alot worse in the past, but only recently it’s begin to get a little out of control. I’ve started to get worried about normal, day-to-day stuff like going to college, going to town with friends, even eating breakfast in the mornings can sometimes cause me to get stressed. It’s really beginning to get in the way and prevent me from just enjoying life.
    I am a Christian, however, and these past few days I’ve been reading about how faith in God can be of invaluable help. He is never too busy to help me calm down :D He also has a plan for my life, and nothing will happen that He doesn’t intend for me. This is really comforting, I just need to remember it. While working on growing in faith, I also purchased a bottle of Rescue Remedy. It’s amazing! Doesn’t calm me right down necessarily, but combined with deep breathing and generally trying to relax it’s helping me through my day-to-day panics. I highly recomend it, as it’s inexpensive too.
    Hope this is helpful to someone. Just reading some of these comments has been useful, so thanks for that.

  66. Great article! Very well written! Keep it up!

  67. I hope these work! As an emetophobe, I cannot bring myself to ‘get it over with’.

  68. I was actually smiling as i read this, i am in the EXACT situation as you, same age and everything. I have IBS as well. I make myself go crazy because I am so afraid to vomit, ESPCIALLY in public! I really though i was the only one and i was going insane. If you find somthing please let me know!

  69. Excellent article! This helped me today thanks!

  70. im 26 scence i had my little girl 16months ago i hv felt unwell light headed dizzy hard to concentrate on anything cant go out threw this as i feel sick and feel faint and for last 3days felt really sick i really want acure been to doctors and no help at all can anyone help.

  71. Hey, I read this post and just wanted to express my concern. I can only imagine the discomfort you experience on a regular basis. I hope things clear up and wish you all the best.

  72. im 16 when i lay down a certain way i feel nauseus. i have no clue why. it recently just started. im not pregnant. its just a certain way i lay that makes me feel this way. does anyone know why this is? pleasse email if you can help.

  73. sd

  74. Hi, guys. I suffer from servere IBS aswell! I am always feeling disgusting/weak/nauseas/tired. I was diagnosed with IBS 3yrs ago. I’ve been experiencing the same symptoms, I still do. I ended uo seeing a Dietitian witch helped, I am on a low fat, sugar diet, you know eating really “heathy food” not what I’d like to eat. I go through stages where I feel 100% and then days when I feel so horrible! The scary part is IBS is caused by stress, I am 25, and I stress over the smallest simplest thing, crazy hey? I suffer from low BP, Fatique and 2 years ago from depression. All these symptoms and feelings triggered my IBS and NAUSEA! I don’t always know when it is the low Bp/IBS/Fatique/Stress causing nausea but I do notice when I introduce some foods to my diet I suffer from nausea. Or when I feel like something sweet…..I suppose like alot of people say most problems we face is all in the mind. Peppermint tea and Flat coke has been helping me with Nausea… it all depends on what the cause of nausea is!Good luck to you all!

  75. hi, im 21 and so petrified about being sick i would rather die, its my worst nightmare. i have had this since i was nine. it has taken over my life, and my boyfriend is gettin really fed up with me. please, is there anyone that can help? i want my life back :’(

  76. I have to say my second pregnancy was worse then my first. I got no relief. Just stay in there and get as much rest as possible. That’s the main reason on why I won’t get pregnant again. I hated being sick like that. Good luck sweety. Really hope things start looking up soon

  77. Hey guys, well basically I\’ve had this phobia for 14 years I\’m 18 and since the age of 4 i get panic attacks if I feel the slightest bit sick. Ive had CBT ( cognitive behaviour therapy ) that\’s not helped me its also got to the point where I\’m constantly sleeping in the sofa because I get the feeling I\’m going to be sick if I stay in my room yea weird right! I just wish there was a cure or this because it\’s beyond a joke now!
    I hope you guys can help!

  78. Interesting to hear people with similar symptoms.

    Since I was 11 (now 29) I got nausea after eating. It was always worse when I ate out. I used to have a routine of eating out with the family and then spending 20-40 minutes in the toilet of the restaurant after eating while my stomach calmed down. It got to the stage where I didn’t like eating around anyone and would eat in my room. It took me years to realize it was nerves and eventually I dealt with it by not eating a few hours before I went out and never eating out. Of course it changed my routine alot and I missed out on a lot of fun nights. But I looked at it as ‘at least I avoided the sickness’. Though it explains why I’m also horribly underweight now too.

    Cause I was incredibly lazy and unfit (its easy to think you don’t need to exercize in this society where thin people are looked at as always healthy) this exacerbated the problem incredibly. Here is a tip of my routine that I have done to change my life and it is helping dramatically.

    - when I get home I put on the rice cooker. Then I jump on an exercize bike in front of the t.v for 20 minutes. Every day.

    - After exercizing my rice is ready. I cook up fresh lean meat in a wok with olive oil, garlic, ginger, and some flavouring. Takes like 5 minutes to cook in a wok. Then I add the rice and vegetables I like for a few minutes and have enogh for two meals.

    - I eat two dinners a night. Instead of smashing down one big meal I separate them into two decent sized meals. This way it keeps the pressure off my stomach (Not big eaters or IBS anyone?) and later on when I’m hungry and might want to eat some junky dessert I can eat more meat, rice and vegies by chucking the second serving back into the wok for around 2 minutes to heat it up again. The meals are cheap as too but the different flavourings and meats make it feel like you have variety every night.

    - When I go out to eat now I order things that are light and healthy and eat very slowly over a long period of time. Most people converse for an hour or so after dinner. You don’t have to rush it down in 10 minutes and upset your stomach.

    - If I’m going somewhere and need to eat I’ll make sure I eat only a very small amount of something light and healthy before I go out. But I always carry healthy snacks with me. Nuts, small fruits, crackers etc.

    The two main things are that exercizing and eating healthy makes you feel better health wise and feel better about yourself. It’s a weird situation cause I’m not an anti-social, introverted person so I’ve never established why the anxiety forms in public situations, especially after eating. But by feeling good about my health and ensuring I don’t eat alot of bad foods it has really helped me out and taken the pressure of my stomach and alleviated my mind in those public situations incredibly.

  79. After feeling extremely nauseated and freezing cold after eating meaty/ high fat meals, and after drinking alcohol (any amount, from a could of cocktails to a whole bunch), especially in the evenings, I went to the doctors and they suggested it was acid reflux (two different doctors) but the prescribed drug didn’t work. After seeing 2 more doctors, I am still without a cure!

    Does anyone think this sounds like IBS?

    Is IBS from birth or can you start having it at any point in your life?

  80. I know you commented on this over 3 years ago now, but I’ve found that Peppermint tea really helps!

    Drink it as an after dinner/meal treat. It aids digestion, and gives you fresh breath (which will stop your mouth tasting of everything you just ate :]).

    If you get nauseaus at bedtime, there’s a Twinig’s blend of Camomile and Peppermint, which sends you to sleep :)

    Hope this can be of *some* help and that you start feeling better soon!

  81. i am at the end of my period , but this month i have neausea all the way thru and where i would normally have stomach cramps i have had none, not sure if i am prgnant if i was i would be 6 or 7 weeks, but didnt think u could get morning sickness 9even though i get them at night) whilst on

  82. Thank God I’m not alone. I really thought I was going crazy. I know its all in my head, but it wont stop. I’m 19 and i have been feeling nauseaus almost every night for maybe 6 years now. a couple of those years, I felt amazing, but now… not so much. i try not to let it get in the way of my life. but it does. im so happy i’m not alone.

  83. Is nausea common during and after the menopause, my sister gets it most mornings especially when she gets hot flushes which seems to come with the nausea. I have been told that vitamin B6 is good for controlling this problem. Is there anything else you can suggest please she prefers natural remedies. Thank you.

  84. I just wanted to say thankyou, I’m an 18yr old girl and I’m also a crazy emetophobic, it’s my biggest fear but I work myself up about it so much it feels worse than it actually is. Reading through all these comments actually made me feel a bit better and took my mind off it :) I’m trying some ginger tea now, I really hope it works! Good luck everyone else, I hope you feel better, nausea can really ruin your life I had it permanently for months, I dont know how some of you can cope with it for years! Stay strong.xx

  85. Iv bin feeling sick on and off for a week now and dry heaving. It feels like there is a lump in my throught and I think if I was sick I would feel so much better but I’m sooo scared of being ill its impossible for me 2 do it. Some1 plz help me :(

  86. I Know exactly how you feel i have IBS Too, im exactly the same and i also have a fear of vomiting…. i always feel extremly sick when i go to bed at Night, and all throught the day… and yet the doctors havent given me anything for the nausea. tho i am on antidepressants…
    It Is very difficult to deal with.

  87. I am 30 and I have severe nausea from morning until night. Somedays worse than others. I’ve found spicy foods and Ginger ale really helped but not so much any more ! Hot chips seem to actually be the best helper thus far.

  88. I am on this site because I’m also always feeling nauseous. This started around the end of 2010 and have not stopped since. There are days when it’s not that bad and days when I would just lay in bed the whole day because I couldn’t handle it. It’s also usually accompanied with light headedness, sometimes difficult time breathing. It was way worse before though. I was hospitalized last year and was confined at hospital for like 2 days, because I looked really pale and my heart beat was not normal. Yet doctor didn’t find anything wrong with me…. I don’t know what’s causing my nauseousness, but it’s definitely interfering with my daily life..=(

  89. hey I get like this as well it’s horrible I find it hard to get to sleep cause I have this fear in my head I am going to wake up being sick I am 17 as well and it does stop you doing alot of things for example going out having a drink with friends? and meals? cause it stops me :( I took omprazole and it kind of helped me but I still feel horrible when I sleep and wake up I don’t no if anything works does the flat coke work and yogurt kind of worked but water an breathing helps a little, any more ideas?x

  90. i feel nauseas every single minute of the day. I jut took 2 more Zofran and promethazine. Not scared of vomiting, i already did it all day long. I don’t know what to do anymore, i just wanna die!

  91. Thank you

  92. Dear all,

    Have you guys try sniffing ALCOHOL SWABS? It’s suppose to cure nausea immediately. If it works for you, please report back. Thanks.

  93. wow along of people have the same problem as me.

    8 years now I have feel ill. I make up with it and go to bes with it.
    I’m now 26 so lost alot of my life.. Going to uni, my GF and hundreds of outings and events.

    Eating makes me really bad but its not easy to do anything because of the horrible feeling. I have had many tests and they can’t find anything. I have symptoms that prove its not all in my head. I’ve seen the therapists and paid to see a hypo-therapist.
    I have had more different pills than I can remember and the only thing that has remotely helped is Domperidome so I don’t feel as ruff after easting.

    I never actually throw up but feel like it. The bowel movements aren’t great either.

    It seems no one has an answer and I’m stuck with it.. All I’d like to find something to numb the feeling to carry on with what life I have left..

  94. Yes, it works. I have used ginger, sliced thin, when ever my children have been sick to their stomach. There is candied ginger too that I put in their hot tea. Ginger ale seems to work for them as well. I read ginger has been used for nausea for over 2000 years. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  95. I have felt the same way for two months almost and I just want to cry, and have because of it. Nausea has been the bane of my existence and nothing helps, even going to the hospital doesn’t sedate my issues. Doctors say it’s anxiety, or stress however none of the medications have helped and I have been on as many as some of you here. I’ve tried ginger and different teas and many remedies, and the only thing that helps is sleep itself. But that brings up another problem,,, once I wake I feel sick to my stomach. Any new help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve read every comment so far and researched so much. Thank you and I will pray for all of us.

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