How to Treat a Minor First and Second Degree Burn

While playing tag with other children today, my six year old ran through the fire pit. We had a cook out yesterday, and under about three inches of fine ash, there were still hot coals. She burnt the bottom of her left foot and the toes of her right foot. So, of course, I know how to treat a minor burn…

First one must know the degree of a burn and to recognize how serious the burn is.

A first degree burn involves only the top layer of skin.

***The signs and symptoms of a 1st degree burn include redness, swelling and pain. This is the most common type of burn and the least serious.

A Second degree burn involves both the top layer and second layer of skin.

***The signs and symptoms of a 2nd degree burn includes blisters, red, splotchy skin and severe pain with swelling. If a 2nd degree burn is less than 3 inches around, treat it as a minor burn.

 If a 2nd degree burn involves the entire hand, foot or buttocks, seek immediate medical care. Also seek medical treatment if the burn is more than 3 inches around.

To treat Minor Burns run cool (tepid, not cold) water on the burn for 15 or 20 minutes until the pain subsides. If you can not run water on the burn, it is ok to submerse the area ( as we did for my daughter). If possible, while the area is being cooled in water, take over the counter pain relievers to help relieve the pain and swelling.

After running with cool water, losely wrap the burn in a bandage or gauze, do not use any ointments or creams and do not wrap tightly.

Minor burns usually do not reguire any further treatment, change the gauze frequently and watch for signs of infection. If you think that the burn may be infected, seek medical care!!

If the skin appears black or ashy, these are signs of a 3rd degree burn and they require immediate proffesional care, call 911 or your local fire/rescue.

My daughter is feeling ok for now, the pain has subsided…. there are some small blisters on the left foot, she asked me to take the wrap off her right foot, and it looks fine, a little red but no blisters. It is so sad, she keeps saying she is sorry for stepping in the pit, she knows she is not allowed to, and I keep saying I am sorry because we should have put water on it when we came in last night…..

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  1. Great article with much information and advice. A must for all to read. I do hope that your child is OK and he didn’t feel that he put his foot in it Look forward to reading your next article.
    Seriously mind I do hope he is OK.
    Best Wishes

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  3. I am sorry this happened to your daughter. I hope she is okay. It sounds like you took care of her well. Thanks for the information, it may come in handy some day.

  4. Great article..
    We need to be more pro-active towards being prepared for the worst.

  5. Years back, my three year old grandson had a similar experience. He fell in a fire pit, hands first. Zach had to go to a burn center, every day for a month for treatments. I’m so sorry this happened to your little girl. Hope she’s doing much better now. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Very useful topic. Well done

  7. Very helpful. I hope she heals rapidly.

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  9. That was a clear and informative article about burns. Only mothers can be such informative, since they deal the most with burns, both in kitchen and with their children around :)

  10. Hope she heals well.

  11. great topic and info.Ty

  12. I sure hope she will be fine in a day or two and these are great tips in case of burns.

  13. I wish tou had been with me when I burnt my leg with a hot water bottle that went off. Good one..

  14. You chose a good topic and wrote a very educative article. Thanks and I hope she will get well soon.

  15. Great article for parents as we never know when kids are going to have an accident and as my grandmother always says “prevention is better than cures”. Hope your daughter will be ok, my eldest child got burnt with hot oil on the back of her hand as a toddler, she’s 18 now and the scarring is barely visible. Google Terri Calvesbert UK, who suffered 90% burns as a 22 month old after her mother left a cigarette burning in her bedroom. Her pain and courage really tugs the heart. Keep up the good work x

  16. Hope everything is OK.You appear to be quite well versed in something many lack-common sense.Great job.

  17. Updae: she is doing very well, the blisters are very small and she is not in any pain. :)

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  19. Firstly I hope your Daughter gets better, and thank you for sharing this invaluable information. Thank you, Best Wishes, Chris.

  20. This is very useful information, thanks.

  21. Burns need careful handling and you definitely have given us great tips!

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  23. Poor little girl. It happens. It will soon heal. Good thing you knew what to do.

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  25. Like d this on Facebook a good subject of health article as this subject shows it needs the careful attention and also the way the points put forwarded here has been fantastic and to read it and grasp the subject is wonderful.

  26. This is a very good article! This is good to know when you have little ones running around!

  27. Very good info, good job I am glad your Little one is doing better ^_^

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    Good Job

  29. Great advice for parents everywhere!

  30. What a nightmare for a parent but it looks like you calmly treated the injury. i do hope your daughter feels better soon and thank you for the invaluable advise.

  31. Thanks for sharing those great tips.

  32. Good guidelines on 1st and 2nd degree burns.

  33. Thanks for sharing. Burns are scary. We need these tips.

  34. Hope your little girl is feeling better soon.
    Good tips…

  35. Hope your little girl is feeling better soon.
    Good information…

  36. He yor little gil is feeling better.
    Good information…

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