How to Treat Poison Oak

There are quite a few natural remedies for treating poison oak.

People who reside in regions where this plant can readily be found usually have at least one quick remedy close at hand in their kitchen or medicine cabinet. This is always a good move for persons who have young children or pets.

Most individuals have an allergic reaction to poison oak. However in some persons, the effect is more severe. This plant does not have any urishol in the pollen to spread itching. Generally, people have to touch the plant in order to experience any kind of skin irritation. Urishol comes up on the plant surfaces whenever the leaves and stems are bruised. This bruising may sometimes occur when the parts are bitten by insects.

Poison Oak up close (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people know what the plant looks like and may keep away from it. Others might unwittingly come in contact with it when they are outside. The oils can also stay on pets or clothing, so if you touch a dog that has been outside you can get the oils off it. You will know that you have been affected if you see a red rash appear, that is accompanied by intense itching.

NSRW Poison-Oak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your hands or arms are itching you must try your best to avoid touching anywhere else on your body. This will keep the oil from spreading and bringing about further irritation. If you suspect that you have touched poison oak, the first thing you must do is rinse off all the areas that it touched. Apply cold water and try not to rub your skin.

After rinsing off with cold water, you may use Tecnu lotion to take off whatever didn’t come off with the water. If you grow aloe vera in your garden and you are not allergic to it, you can apply it to help with the itching. Calamine lotion has a beneficial affect also. You can also get aloe vera gel in some pharmacies and keep it in your home for treating burns and irritation. 

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How to treat poison oak

English: Poison-oak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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