How to Treat Sore Hand Muscles Due to Computer Work

If you peck away at a keyboard all day, you’re at risk for developing sore hand muscles. Here’s how to treat your symptoms and relieve the pain.

As much time as the average person spends on their computer typing away on a keyboard and playing games, it should come as no surprise that sore hand muscles are the result. In fact, some of the most common workplace injuries are due to overuse of the hands. If your fingers and hands are a sore from punching a keyboard, here are some treatments you can use to soothe those sore hand muscles.

Hand massage

One way to work some of the pain and tenderness out of sore fingers and hands is to massage the painful areas. Using the opposite hand, rub the sore spots with firm circular movements for several minutes at a time. Repeat on the other hand. This will help to release some of the muscle spasm in the same way a back massage helps to relieve back pain and stiffness.

Perform hand stretching exercises

Do stretching exercises on sore fingers and hands several times a day by opening and closing your hands repeatedly. To target the fingers, hold your fingers straight, then gently bend the middle joints of your fingers down towards the inside of your hands. Do this repeatedly several times a day. This is a good exercise to perform throughout the day to prevent future sore fingers and hands, particularly if you work on a computer most of the day.

Soak your hands in warm herbal water

Soak your hands in a vat of warm water to which you’ve added a small amount of mint essential oil. The combination of the warm water and mint will increase blood and oxygen to the affected areas which can help relax muscle strain. Do this three times a day for fifteen minutes at a time. You can also follow up by applying a soothing, mint hand cream.

Take anti-inflammatories or sour cherry juice

If you don’t have a history of ulcers and can tolerate anti-inflammatories, pop two Advil several times a day for a few days until the pain subsides. If you want to take the natural approach, drink a glass of sour cherry juice three times daily for several days. Sour cherries are rich in anthocyanins which are known to block the inflammatory response that causes pain. Don’t substitute sweet cherry juice which has lower concentrations of anthocyanins.

If you hand and finger pain persists or if you develop numbness or tingling in the fingers or hand, see your doctor as you may have early carpel tunnel syndrome.

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