How Vitamin E Can Help to Treat Glaucoma

Treatment for glaucoma may soon get a little help – from a vitamin. Find out what vitamin could be used to make glaucoma treatment for effective.

Can vitamin E treat glaucoma? It sounds farfetched, but this fat soluble, antioxidant vitamin could make it easier for glaucoma sufferers to treat their eye disease. According to new research presented at the American Chemical Society meeting, vitamin E could soon be used to make glaucoma treatment more effective.

What is Glaucoma and How is It Treated?

Glaucoma is a common eye disease that’s caused by the build-up of pressure behind the eye. If it’s left untreated, a person can completely lose their vision. Normally, medicated eyedrops are placed in the affected eye which helps to lower the pressure and prevent loss of vision. The problem is the eyes produce tears which dilutes out the drops and carry them away before they have their full effect.

Vitamin E to Treat Glaucoma: What Role Does Vitamin E Play?

Researchers have developed special contact lenses that are coated with vitamin E and an eye pressure lowering medication that would normally be used to treat glaucoma. Adding vitamin E in the contact lens creates a barrier so that the glaucoma medication isn’t diluted out and removed by the tears that the eye produces. Vitamin E essentially serves as a barrier to keep the glaucoma medication in contact with the eye longer.

Can Using Vitamin E Help Other Eye Conditions?

Researchers hope to use vitamin E to treat other eye conditions such as dry eyes and cataracts too. Using vitamin E is a safe and natural way to treat glaucoma and, possibly, other eye problems since it’s an antioxidant vitamin that helps to keep the eyes healthy. Using vitamin E in this manner also helps to protect the eyes against the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. Another benefit? Some studies show that a diet rich in vitamin E lowers the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration of the eyes.

Vitamin E to Prevent Glaucoma

Vitamin E enhanced contact lenses to treat glaucoma aren’t available just yet. Animal studies need to be carried out to determine the safety of this treatment – and human studies should follow. The good news is these contact lenses are as easy to wear as regular contact lenses and could make it easier for people with glaucoma to treat their disease – safely and effectively.

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  1. This is a very interesting study.. hope to hear more from this idea.

  2. This is great news, it is true you can completely lose your sight with glaucoma. My mother had MS and her eyesight problem was diagnosed as MS at first, after it was too late to save any of her sight, the doctor’s began the eye drops for glaucoma. This happened back in the early 50’s when she was only 32. At that time not enough was known about either disability. Science has made so many improvments for our health since then. Mother lived to age 79 and never complained.

  3. Hi Kristie,
    Glaucoma runs in our family and my mother and father both have it. This informative is good to know. Thank you for sharing,

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