How You Can Decode Your Tongue

Your tongue is the ultimate multi-tasker.

Our tongue is what most of us ignore, which is the hardest working muscle. Your tongue can tell you what is happening in your body, something you may not be familiar with, with that many taste buds you feel secure about it.

Ways in which you can read from your tongue about your body:

As doctors know more about your tongue than you do, and often examine a patients mouth first. Your tongue offers the evidence to your health.  If your tongue is inflamed this means you lack vitamin B, a swollen tongue, could mean hypothyroidism. If your child has tongue ulcers, then you will see signs of a fever.

Your tongue is divided into these parts, Chinese believe it is the tip, behind the tip, the right and left sides, and the centre and back.  Each of these sides are connected to other parts of our bodies and that is how it can tell you about your health.

Colour clues, for starters start looking at the colour of your tongue if it is light pink then your health is good.

If scarlet or purple this is an ominous sign, this is showing you that your body is rising heat from inflammation, an infection or hyperactivity.

If your tongue is bright red you should slow down on spicy foods, also, will show red  if you are stressed, with dots.

A pale tongue for you shows you are anaemic , cold, or you have a low immune system.

The Coat,  on your tongue you will see a thin layer of moss which sounds unpleasant but you have to be sure that it is not a thick layer because thick layers show you have an infection, either you are dehydrated or you have a fungal infection.

If you you have thick brown coating on your tongue, this means a rare fungal infection, and a thick yellow coating means you have bladder infection.

The geographic tongue is when you have all the spots and patches of red in colour, and will be smooth and has an image of  a map, can be harmful but will get bigger spots by the day and will start burning and get sore. The spots go away on their own this could from hormonal changes or stress.

So you know the coating of your tongue focus on the parts of your tongue that relates to other parts of your body.  

The tip of your tongue, is the network of your heart and small intestine, you should look for red dots this will show that you are stressed and have chronic conditions, and this element is fire.

Behind the tip, this element is metal, a part of your respiratory and immune systems, a redness or dots, shows if you are infected with pneumonia and emphysema.

Right and left sides, this part of your tongue is an organ to your liver, and the element is wood. You will notice teeth markings on the inside of your mouth when rubbed against the enlarged tongue. A side effect of a fatty liver, hepatitis or diabetes or lower abdominal welling.  If you have the colour of blue to green on your tongue this will mean you have cancer of the liver.

The centre of your tongue is the earth of your health, this is an organ to the digestive system, which includes the stomach, spleen and pancreas. A coating colour of red to yellow which indicates acid reflux problems, and constipation or other related health issues like diarrhea,

Back of your tongue, element of water, this is an organ to your bladder, kidney sex glands and hormonal system. If you have a yellow coating you may have a chance of bladder infection.  Keep your tongue while brushing your teeth you can’t miss your tongue.

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  1. Thanks for the article, a lot of information I didn’t know.

  2. Your knowledge of the human anatomy is so deep i could almost say with some certainty that you a professional! I did not know my tongue was such a vital organ!

  3. Very informative. For a minute when I read the article I thought you were going to write about people speaking in tongues!

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