Hugs for Children’s Intelligence

This article contains reviews of hugs from parents who could trigger a child’s intelligence.

There is the influence between hugs given to the child’s parents. Hugs was able to trigger the child’s intelligence. When the child hugged, his brain will stimulate the formation of the hormone oxytocin. The hormones make the child calm and reduce toxins in the brain that is derived from glutamate. “Derifat glutamate that causes toxins in the brain and cause a narrowing of the capacity of the brain,” said dr. Gunawan Bambang Dwiyanto of the Central Intelligence Ministry of Health, as quoted by Antara.

Derifat glutamate will appear when the child is stressed. This incident makes the adrenaline rise. Adrenaline also affects brain cell enlargement which will then die and be replaced by a new brain cells that release derivatives glutamate. Stress in children only leads to a narrowing of the capacity of the brain, which makes it more limited in absorbing information.

Hugs can suppress the stress of children, as well as restore the child’s brain capacity to work as usual. Information can also be absorbed more in the brains of children.

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  1. This is very interesting

  2. Very interesting…good thing too, cuz I hug my children a lot

  3. Thank you very much. Maybe I’ll do it too If I have a Children. But, I’m still 17 years old student…

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