Hypertension Can Affect Anyone

Hypertension can affect anyone.

Hypertension can affect anyone

Many people think of high blood pressure attack only rich people who love a good meal at an expensive restaurant. In fact, ordinary people also have the same opportunities to be plagued with illness without complaint.

Bland vegetables without salt, so the patient’s complaints of high blood pressure or hypertension when enjalani low-salt diet. Many faithful are on a diet. But, not a few who stopped in the middle of the road and back to the old culture. Culture is believed to be fond of salty one cause of high blood pressure. This problem is not only inconvenient Indonesia. In the United States, one of eleven people who come to the doctor found suffering from hypertension. He has been a universal disease that attacks indiscriminately wealth, rank, or position.

The human body is actually only took less than 5 g of salt per day. However, the menu contains an average of more than 15 g of salt. Excess salt in his salt-sensitive people will force the heart to pump blood more rapidly than usual. If tensimeter point limit 140/90, a doctor immediately convicted person suffering from hypertension (not from above 120/80, as many thought). Blood pressure between 120/80 to 140/90 are classified as “above normal”, meaning not need to consult a doctor for medication. However, it should keep away from foods that contain too much salt.

Own blood pressure fluctuates according to the rhythm of the machine body. Food and hormones determine the body’s blood pressure rise and fall over time. After eating the lamb satay, tea pot, sympathetic nerves of the body can trigger a rise in blood pressure, although only for a moment. Indeed, very few people who have high blood pressure are aware that he was suffering from high blood pressure. No wonder, if many people are ignoring the disease. Because most people with high blood no complaints. Although tensinya has reached 170/100, he still had no complaints. After that, all of a sudden he’s a stroke or heart attack, and all the new people confused.

Not surprisingly, when high blood it will be a “killer” number one in the year 2020 if we are not aware of the dangers. In many countries, cardiovascular problems has become a very serious problem. High blood pressure is linked up with the problem of lifestyle and living habits. Hypertension, smoking habit, rarely exercise, obesity (overweight), and high cholesterol is a cause of cardiovascular disease.

Other causes of high blood pressure could be due to hereditary factors. So, like salted or not, if someone has talent hypertension, undoubtedly affected as well. No wonder, when the majority of hypertensive patients should be diligent in this instance to take medication for life. Hypertension can also be a marker of organ irregularities (Kidney, kidney child, or thyroid gland). Once treated the diseased organ, blood high heal itself. In addition, doctors also agreed to classify hypertension as a disease of culture. In the Indian community and the poles were untouched McDonaldization, for example, high blood pressure normal. No patients had high blood pressure though. But, the problem is so if they move to another city. Pizza, fried chicken and various types of fast food can make their blood pressure rise.

You need to know is, the decision a person has high blood pressure or not, not based on fact at all measuring in tensimeter. At least, it should be done three times to make sure his blood pressure measurement is completely accurate. The reason, many things that can make blood pressure rise. In addition, it is wise to not immediately drink the blood pressure-lowering drugs even though blood pressure is rising. Preferably, the delay to take medication even though doctors have given the recipe.

Therefore, high blood pressure fake or inaccurate medication directly diminumi actually even invite danger. Normal people who were given medication for high blood, can direct his weak condition. The impact of taking medication for high blood was too early can be worse than letting a few days before. Remember, stroke and coronary heart disease rather than just come up as high blood pressure, but also when blood pressure is too low. Do not forget, also keeps a number of antihypertensive drug side effects. One of them made impotent husband or wife loses sexual desire. The stronger the efficacy of antihypertensive drugs, the greater the effect it produces.

Development of high blood pressure medications have evolved considerably, so that doctors now have to choose the drug effective. Choosing appropriate and effective medication, is not difficult because the basic principle that the treatment of high blood nonfarmakologi. That is, as much as possible the patient cured without the use of drugs. Strive to be able to lower blood pressure without medication, this is the first principle in public health. That is, should be done usahausaha like a good diet, reduced salt, reduced fat and cholesterol.

Then with a good exercise because it would improve endothelial sports, most in the wall of blood vessels. Sport as one step in the handling nonfarmakologi in patients with high blood proved positive effect. If the new high blood pressure is still considered the drugs that have been outstanding. These drugs are a lot of choice. Of course the selection of remedy must be tailored to the character of the sufferer. For example, what if he has what cholesterol or diabetes.

On the one hand, doctors should be able to choose the right medicine for patients. If a doctor choose the medicine is expensive and it is not affordable by the patient, then it has no meaning for the patient, especially high blood pressure medication for life. There must be the scale of choice. But, most importantly, physicians should have the responsibility and competence to provide the best on his patients. Blood pressure rose in a day is common for modern people. After a nap, blood pressure usually drops again. The body has its own mechanisms to restore blood pressure to fluctuate more than normal. However, if you still want to see more detail, it is recommended to do laboratory tests to see blood sugar levels, kidney function, lipid profile, and heart tests.

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