Impairment of Male Births in Some Reasons

Male reproductive tract infections can occur. If this or prostatitis (prostate infection), can epididymitis (epididimus infection) or orchitis (testicles) are. Sexual reproductive tract infections caused by bacteria can be caused by diseases.

Impairment of male births in some Reasons

5th Immunological factors
A person with antibodies that can interfere with sperm can, anomalies in the immune system. Variety of reasons, including, trauma, infection, hydrocele, varicocele surgery, testicular mass or other factors which may be interpreted. In turn, interferes with the existence of such antibodies is carried out with sperm transport.Female reproductive organs can be affected access to money. Money with zona pellucida (the outer layer of the egg) can intervene to penetrate. Furthermore, these antibodies combine sperm and egg cells can interfere with the process. Men who experience illness, if it can be used for ICSI, a sperm is injected directly into the egg.

6th Failure
Will test SpermaPada some men, infertility, in which the failure of the testes produce sperm produced as a result of the experience. This happened because the seminiferous epithelium, where sperm is produced impaired in their function. Money have not reached an adult age, or because the cells form the gem is low, a condition known as hipospermatogenesis. These genetic changes, hormonal factors and so many things, including the varicocele can cause

7th Hormonal disorders
Testes to make sperm, ptituari dihasillkan by a gland hormones needed to produce encouraging. When hormone is present, or even reduce the number of testes is not perfect performance. This condition is usually through the use of male steroid hormones in the body (body building) is used both in the mouth or injection causes improved.

8th Infection
Male reproductive tract infections can occur. If this or prostatitis (prostate infection), can epididymitis (epididimus infection) or orchitis (testicles) are. Sexual reproductive tract infections caused by bacteria can be caused by diseases. If this is the male reproductive tract infections, bacterial system can be Unterbrechung.Reaktion by the body to an infection as a result of the formation of a white blood cell. To test white blood cells alone has a negative effect on sperm membrane, creating a mini-seed white blood cells or bacteria aktif.Jika less than 1 million cc / is found, a further examination of the existence of bacteria in order to determine what may not Symptoms of infection of the man himself (asymptomatic infection). This type of infection usually Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, and Chlamydia. If the types of microorganisms and white blood cells still present / continuous, it is necessary to consider the use of antibiotics.

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