Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders affect how we respond to our enviroment. If you are dragging around through the day and finding it hard to function you may have a sleep disorder.

Most of the time a sleep disorder is only a temporary symptom due to stress in our lives. Sometimes it is a more serious condition called chronic insomnia. It requires a doctor to unveil, because any chronic pain can interrupt sleep. Some of these are  arthritis,ulcers,endocrine gland disorders,thyroid disease and depression.

Types of insomnia

  1. Sleep apnea:                Sleep disorder caused by suspended breathing.

                                                This sleep disorder does not always wake you but causes poor quality sleep. It                                                  is usually associated with snoring and usually occurs in overweight people.

     2.   Fibrositis:                      Sleep disorder where deep sleep is unattainable.

                                                 This disorder affects the perfectionist, they are tense and this  results                                                   in muscle spasms and tender spots and pain in various parts of the body.

     3.   Nocturnal myoclonus     Sleep disorder where there is repetitive kicking movements of the legs.

                                                 A constant motion or kicking of the legs. Kicking spouses out of bed.

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  1. this is very good as i suffer from sleep disorders and seem to stay awake for ages…thank you very much for this article,and associated writings here….

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