Insulinoma: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Insulinoma is caused due to a tumour in the pancrease. This results in a condition that is similar to hypoglycemia.

Insulinoma: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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A kind of tumour leads to irregular secretion of insulin is insulinoma. This tumour rarely becomes carcinogenic and surgical removal can rectify the condition. Normally, when the blood sugar level is high, beta cells of the pancrease secrete insulin to reduce the sugar level and when the level reached normal range the insulin secretion is stopped. But, in insulinoma the pancrease cannot detect the correct blood glucose levels and keeps secreting insulin hormone which leads to a drastic decrease in the blood glucose levels. This condition is similar to hypoglycaemia.

Blurred vision, diplopia, palpitation, tiredness, seizures, coma and permanent neurological damage are the symptoms of insulinoma. The condition can be diagnosed by blood tests and ultrasound and scanning.

Insulinoma is not a very common condition and is found one in a million. One of the best treatment of insulinoma is the surgical removal and it may also involve removal of a part of the pancrease as well. In candidates with inoperable tumours, medications such as diazoxide and somatostatin can block the release of insulin. 

© Dr.P.Elayaraja

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