Iron Deficient? Try These 10 Foods to Boost Your Iron Levels

Iron is important for the blood and the way oxygen is delivered around the body. Iron deficiency is common, particularly in women due to their menstrual cycles. When iron deficiency is discovered there are many things you can do to boost your levels, including eating iron rich foods.

Eating iron rich foods is one of the first things that should be tried in iron deficiency, before other methods are tried. Many people often wonder why we get iron deficient, as the food we usually consume in one day totals between 10-15 mg. We only lose between 1-2 mg per day, so it is difficult to be able to see how we can become iron deficient. One theory is that the usual amount of 1-2 mg per day is caused by sweating, and that people who are iron deficient are often those that exercise frequently. So therefore, it is thought that maybe they exercise too much, and do not adequately replace it.

By eating iron rich foods we can give our bodies an increased amount of daily iron. Here are 10 foods that are good for iron deficiency:

1. Wheatgerm

2. Baked Potato

3. Broccoli

4. Lentils

5. Chickpeas

6. Spinach

7. Things like Liver, Heart, and Kidney

8. Cereals like Special K, Ready Brek and Bran Flakes

9. Liquorice

10. Cashew Nuts

The above foods are all iron rich foods which should help people who are suffering from iron deficiency. However, you should always see a Doctor, as they will likely want to take a blood test, as it can lead to anaemia.

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