Is The Universe Hard of Hearing?

Have you ever asked The Universe to manifest something for you and had something manifest that was similar sounding, but not at all anything to do with what you asked for? Here is an experience I had and the understanding that I received from it.

Many people have read or have a general understanding of a book entitled The Secret. This book, like many other books, speaks of The Law of Attraction. Something that you may or may not believe in. I do believe in it, and this principle has been proved to me many times over in my life. Most recently it was proved to me again in a strange and unpleasant way. You see I had a heart attack. However, this article is not about having a heart attack. It is about putting out intentions to manifest a desire and having The Universe some how manifest it wrong. Thus making it seem like The Universe is hard of hearing.

Actually this particular series of events started back in July of 2012, when my family and I went to Vancouver British Columbia, and stayed in Vancouver’s West End, near English Bay and Stanley Park.

This was my first visit to Vancouver and I had heard, from quite a few people, horror stories about how bad Vancouver is, (some of whom recanted after I told them of my experience there). While other people told me how wonderful of a city Vancouver is. After visiting I sided with the latter and absolutely fell in love with Vancouver’s West End. I would love to live in Vancouver’s West End near English Bay. To me it ranks up there with other places on my list of places I would love to live, such as, The 16th District of Paris, Hollywood’s Birdland, and Venice Beach. The West End and The 16th are at the top of the list.

While staying at the Best Western Sands on Davie Street, my wife and I walked to many other areas of The West End. While walking to catch the water taxi to Granville Island we saw a building under construction and I noticed the project’s advertising sign, it was for Alexandra Living, a new apartment complex on Davie and Bidwell.

When we returned home, to Alberta, I looked up Alexandra Living online, downloaded a promotional video and pdf files of the different floor plans. Trying to use The Law of Attraction I watched the video over and over and looked at the floor plans of the apartments I liked the best. I did visualizations of going to Granville Island Public Market to do our grocery shopping and walking in Stanley Park or along English Bay.

After a few months of doing this something did happen. I had a heart attack and was taken to The Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton Alberta. Not quite having an apartment in The Alexandra Living complex. Yet those names are altogether too similar.

What is interesting to note is that most heart patients are sent to the University Hospital in Edmonton, or at least that is what all my neighbors have said.

I could just write this off to coincidence, yet it is just too close to do that. However, turning this into a positive experience is the new understanding and knowing I have that one has to deal with subconscious blockages in one’s energy field in order for The Universe to hear you properly. Blockages that prevent us from living the life that we want to live, having the things that we want to have, achieving the goals that we want to achieve. Also, these blockages are often not consciously apparent and can manifest as physical blockages in area such as a person’s physical heart, and cause heart attacks and other aliments.

With this new understanding I can now proceed to find the tools that work for me to clear these subconscious blockages. I have had programs from, The Monroe Institute and Brainsync. for years, but never got around to using them. Now I understand I why got them and I am now using them to clear out things from the deepest parts of my psyche so that The Universe can understand me just a little more clearly.

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  1. I do understand how the law of attraction is suppose to work, I just can’t seem to reach the point where I can actually visualize being where I want to go, if that makes any sense.

  2. There is a word for this in linguistics, -I of course forget it now, -but when you ‘learn’ of something new, suddenly you repeatedly ‘find’ that word/noun/subject etc. in the news, on the radio, in the press, etc. Oh what is that called?!?!
    Not “shibboleth” -that is when a local or indigenous population pronounces a regular noun ‘incorrectly’ thus, making it ‘correct’ (People here in TORONTO pronounce the name ” T’RONTO” and it drives up the friggin’ wall!) :-\
    “Hiroshima” is another example. Most of the world says it one way, the people that live there, in another… (this was pointed out to me by a veteran whom commented on the way I spoke the word, -the same way as the Japanese, according to him…)

  3. nice post

  4. Fine and neat

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