Is Your Urine Healthy?

The condition of healthy urine, unhealthy urine, causes, and related diseases.

What is Urine?

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Urine is made up of excess water and dissolved waste materials which are secreted by the kidney via a process called filtration from the bloodstream and eventually expelled via the urethra from our body through a process called urination. It is an elimination process of liquid waste product from what we have been eating and drinking that our body wants to eliminate. Besides the mentioned materials, urine is also found to contain dead blood cells, DNA, numerous waste compounds generated by a cellular metabolism, other water-soluble chemicals as well as materials generated from various body processes. In a test known as urinalysis, these chemicals can be diagnosed, analyzed and detected, while in pregnant women, amniocentesis is a test used to analyze amniotic fluid, which is closely associated to urine. Its yellow color comes from a pigment that results from the breakdown of hemoglobin or the processing of dead blood cells in our liver, which is medically called urochrome, giving the urine a pale yellow color.

What Do Kidneys Do for Us?

Our kidneys do a great job for us by processing or filtering the blood plasma, while allowing sugars, vitamins, water, amino acids and other important substances back into our bloodstream. The excess salts, minerals, urea from protein digestion, water, waste of hormone, certain toxins, urochrome as well as creatinine generated from the muscle breakdown are then eliminated from our body via urination process.

From the video explanation, you understand that our kidneys act as filters to purify our blood by eliminating excess waste and fluids through its tiny filters called gomeruli. When our kidneys are healthy, the glomeruli can purify the blood bring by the artery and waste from the bloodstream. The blood purification process occurs in our kidneys helps eliminating waste and extra fluids out of our body via the ureter in the form of urine, while the clean blood goes out of our kidneys and back into the blood vessels via the vein. Therefore, it is very important to care for your kidneys.

Why Do Urine Tests Matter?

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A urine test check is deemed necessary as its result may give you information on different components of urine, and a waste product produced by your kidneys. The regular urine test also helps to find the cause of symptoms for certain diseases. Therefore, the test can give you invaluable information regarding the status of your health and the problems your body is facing.

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