It’s Pretty Sad All We Care About is Money

Just some more thoughts.

It’s pretty sad all we care about is money.

Life is kind of funny!

Don’t mock me or call me names.

I’m tired of all these games.

Some people act like I don’t work.

I probably work harder than you do.

You ain’t nobody special.

I’m tired of people looking down on me but what can I do.

Sometimes we just have to dust that dirt off your shoulder.

Don’t listen to ignorant people.

It’s hard to distinguish who’s ignorant or not.

Everybody makes mistakes no one is perfect.

I’m not going to bow down to somebody because they ain’t god.

They are not better than me.

No one is better than me.

I regret some things I do in my life.

Why am I so paranoid sometimes?

Everybody wants to criticize you.

They just don’t know what to do.

How can you criticize someone who is close to perfect?

Pick on people who deserve to be picked on.

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