Jamaica Home Remedy for Cold an Cough

While growing with my Grand mother and grandfather,they always have a remedies for a few symptoms.So am going to share with you how to take care of Cough and cold at home,simple an easy.

If you have made it this far into the cold and flu season without being hit, consider yourself fortunate. We are still in the season in which we are prone to get the virus that causes sneezing, runny, stuffy nose, fever, persistent cough, sore throat, headache and more.

While growing up with my grandmother ,I have learn a lot of her.She always have home Remedy,for common symtoms like Diarrhea,Cold,Cough,Headeaches,minor cuts. Here is some tips an how to get rid of that Cough.

First am going to share with you simple home ready for Cough and Cold,especially in a weather like this.If you have a cough,here is a simple home remedy to help you. Honey is widey know for sweeting tea,and for other health purposes,here is a few tips an how it can help with cold an Cough.

1. One tps Honey

2. one Lime/Lemon

Pure out the Honey in a small cup,and cut the lime/lemon in to two .And squeeze the lime in the honey,use a small spoon to combine but Liquid. Drink a teaspoon every 1-2 hour for the day.

Honey and lime/lemon is always good for Sore Throat and even as a treatment for strep throat, caused by Streptococci bacteria. After taking the honey for the day,you will see signs of decreased coughing throughout the night.

So if you don’t have any cough medicine around, honey seems to be a good natural alternative to synthesized medicine in this case.Honey and Lime/Lemon has also been traditionally used to treat sore throats,Dry Cough,and many other symtoms.

Researchers found honey and Lime/Lemon to better than  Strepsils at killing the bacteria that cause strep throat without any fear of side effects among allergic was just as effective as Dequadin and two and a half times more effective than Strepsils.

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