Journey Seven

A story.

He was still a bit of peace, because the 18 did not arrive and had to go fill the basins and spittoons, arranging them in a first line of defense more behind the first wire barrier (still theoretical but perfectly planned) and testing the advancement possibilities, the eventual fall of the first line and the effectiveness of the latter. Between two basins, filled the sink Alvera cold water and put the face and hands, neck and soaked hair. He smoked all the time but did not reach even half of the cigarette and he was about to pull the window and turn the other butt.The butts dropped on the hopscotch and Alvera calculated for each eye to burn bright for a moment on different boxes, it was fun. At that time happened to him filled with thoughts of others, Dona no-bis pace, the bacán Camel you have pesos durable stuff, and also suddenly dropped him a tattered mental matter, somewhere between concept and feeling, for example, that barricade was the last of the blunders, the one thing senseless and therefore experienced and effective may have been to attack rather than defend himself, instead of being besieged there shivering and smoking and waiting for the return with the bearings 18, but did not last long, almost like cigarettes, and his hands trembled and he knew that he had no more than that, and suddenly another memory that was like a hope, a phrase where someone said that the hours of sleep and wakefulness were not cast yet in the unit, and it was a laugh that he listened as if it were his own, and a face that in which it showed satisfactorily that the unit was too far and that it would all sleep in waking him or vice verso. Traveler attack as the best defense was a possibility, but it meant that he was invading more and more like a black mass, a territory where people were sleeping and no one expected at all be attacked at that time of night and causes non-existent in terms of black mass. But while he was so disliked Alvira have formulated in terms of black mass, the feeling was like a black but because of him and not the territory where the Traveler slept, so it was best not to use such negative words as a black mass , and call it a dry area, since one had somehow always calling to their feelings. That is, began his piece against the territory and attack the territory was inadvisable since the motives of the attack have stopped intelligibility or likely to be intuited by the territory.However if he barricaded himself in his room and went to attack Traveler, one could ragEU that Traveler did not know what he was doing, and attacked by his side was well aware and took his measures, precautions and bearings, whatever q EU were the latter.

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