Keeping Your Mind in Top Shape

Tips to help stay Sharp mentaly.

  • Doing any sort of exercise for at least thirty minutes a study is great for long term health of the brain.


  • Giving your body proper rest by sleeping enough. It helps in improving the Cognitive functions of the brain.


  • Eating Low GI foods provide a steady supply of energy to the brain. – Whole Grain foods, Oats, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice.


  • Consuming too few calories is also detrimental for the proper working of the brain. So Dieting or fasting may not be a great idea for the brain.


  • Coffee has been shown to have protective properties for the brain.


  • Omega 3 foods act as brain boosters. They result in increased learning ability, problem-solving skills, focus, memory, and communication between cells.


  • Beat Stress off by chilling out. Constant stress and tension takes a heavy toll on our mind work.


  • Brain Games – Solving Puzzles, Crosswords help keep your brain ticking.
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  3. Very useful tips Arjun in keeping ones brain in top-notch condition, thanks for sharing.

  4. Being mental sharp is another key to keeping our bodies healthy. Reading, doing memory exercises and keeping up on current events helps us in so many ways.

  5. Wanted to add to my last comment that doing Sudoko and crossword puzzles are another great and fun way to keep our brains working, thinking and stimulated…great article!

  6. If we don’t use it, we’ll lose it! :D

  7. You always give valuable advice. Thank you.

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  12. I’m so glad coffee is on the “good for your brain” list. Great post.

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