Kelp and Selenium Key Factor in Helping to Control Thyroid Conditions and Promoting Weight Lost

This is what I discovered when I did some research to prevent from being put on hormone replacement for the rest of my life.

I’ve made several visits to the doctor and  I’ve been on a thyroid medication for about 5 years, my condition was not improving.  Finally I went to see an endocrinologist (thyroid specialist), I received a full examination and then she recommended I have my thyroids burned out, not physically, but with radiation pills. The doctor explained that all I needed to do is digest three pills, this was a form of mild radiation that would completely burn out the thyroids. After the thyroids were burnt out I would be placed on hormone replacement  pills for the rest of my life.

So scientifically speaking I chose not to submit myself as a lab rat.  I decided to go on-line and do some research, that’s when I discovered that taking iodine and selenium would improve my thyroid condition and also help me to lose some of the excess weight I’ve gained due to having this condition.

After starting my own treatment of selenium and iodine, the iodine which I found in kelp a dietary supplement.  I started to feel 80% better and I’ve even lost weight.  So instead of being on 5 mg one month, 10 mg the next months and 15 mg the month after, then back to 5 mg,  my thyroids are finally stable and now I don’t feel like a yo-yo, I can stay on 5 mg of thyroid medication.

Selenium plays an important factor in the functioning of the thyroid glands by participating as a co-factor for three thyroids hormones and may also prevent Hashimoto’s disease .  Dietary selenium comes from nuts, cereals, meat, fish, eggs.  Brazil nuts are the richest ordinary dietary source.  High levels are also found in kidney, tuna, crab and lobster.

Kelp is a large seaweed belonging to known algae, because of it’s high concentration of iodine, it has been used to treat goiters, an enlargements of the thyroid glands caused by a lack of iodine, since medieval times.

Sea kelp was better at preventing fat absorption than most over-the-counter slimming treatments in laboratory trials.

There are things doctors hesitate to tell you, simply because they would lose money and so would their friends in other practices, but there are several dietary supplements that will help better than any medication they could prescribe.

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  1. Informative. Nice to hear that you found help at long last.

  2. Very informative and important for a lot of people.

  3. This is good to know. I personally think my thyroid may be a little underactive, though my doctor swears to my my thyroid homones are at the level they should be.

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  10. A great research done and you hit at the jackpot.

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  13. It’s important to have your thyroids checked yearly, I would hate for anyone to experience what I have experienced.

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  19. Very interesting article, I am on so many pills now for different ailments I wonder if I was ship wrecked on a desert island would I live? would the need for all these pills go?. Good write. LB

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  23. I love this I had thyroid problems for 23 years. I also did research. Shrimp is good but it also has high cholesterol so moderation.

    I also noticed taking a vitamin pill with iodine if you need it is excellent as well.

    I also recommend you see your doctor before taking any vitamins etc.

    I heard that kelp products are excellent within reason of course. You might want to check out an herbalist who is very good and trained at their job as well.

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