Kerokan is a Traditional Indonesian Massage

Kerokan is mesagge with coin. It is for treating catch a cold. This article about kerokan.

Kerokan indeed, means the oldest overcome symptoms catch cold. Uniquely, this simple way not only popular in Indonesia but also in other asian countries. The vietnamese call kerokan as cao giodi. The cambodians menjulukinya goh kyol. In china noted for its akupunturnya, method kerokan also quite popular as a cave. The difference is chinese wear jade as a tool pengerok, not flotsam metallic currency.

People said that red color arising on the skin following kerokan is a sign badan have conceded wind to excess. It is said that a red color that arising on the skin following kerokan is a sign of our bodies have conceded the wind to excess. The more concentrated the colors, also many wind who dwells in the body. Really?

Of course not. Reds sign smooth blood vessels (capillaries) underneath the surface of the skin ruptures so visible as traces of red in a scraped away. The healthy people would blush if scraped away. Therefore, many people not believing this treatment. In western countries, kerokan apropos known. However, medically, kerokan is one method of widen blood vessels closed edges (vasokontiksi) became an increasingly widening (vasaditilasi). This is not harmless. If things continue, as a result many kerokan blood vessels are small and delicate to be broke. In normal levels, would make kerokan cold sufferers feel comfortable because it has been off the hormones beta endofin. Scientifically, this simple practice proved to be able to treat symptoms of the cold or cold syndrome with symptoms of muscle pain (mialga).

Not only that, the principle of kerokan is not much different from Acupuncture needles with a plug in the body. The principle of kerokan is raising temperatures and energy on the body that is scraped away. Increased energy is made through the outer skin body stimulant. In this way, the recipient nerve stimulation in the brain will pass the stimulus that creates the effect of improving the organ on meridian points of the body.

Catch cold ’s not dangerous disease. However, if already badly, virus easily enter the body. For the prevention quelled one of them is kerokan. Most Europeans cope with flu symptoms (common cold) sore like rheumatic pain, flatulence, coughs–runny nose, dizziness, headaches, fever, hot and cold, etc., by eating hot soup, cold and flu medication to be had in the stores, and drug-coated bed.

Kerokan is very popular with the Javanese culture, many Europeans from different countries to learn some of the techniques in a kerokan called Weak white, in the area of Mojosongo, Surakarta, Central Java. It’s not just in this place they learn. In other places such as Yogyakarta, they also ask about these therapies. Europeans feel astonished all with kerokan because it could improve the condition of the body that is not healthy. Although once thought to be unreasonable, they see, this therapy is effective to detect teryata because it is cheap and easy to do.

One thing that should be kept in mind and when you’ve done is not because bath kerokan after kerokan, skin pores open conditions. Better sekalah the skin with a damp washcloth. In addition, you should also remember that kerokan is merely a precaution. You should still see a doctor to consult these conditions when in three days, your pain is not healed. What is clear, as long as it hurts do things other advocates such as drinking lots of tomatoes, orange juice and consume food and drink warm (like Ginger Soup, other fresh chicken broth plus carrots, broccoli, red onion and white) and the rest to taste.

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