Learn How to Sleep Well: A Lesson From Animals

Many people are trying to find a cure for insomnia. Humans can learn from animals on how to sleep well. The tips are practical and easy to follow.

Many people suffer from insomnia and it is a torture especially when one has a lot of work to do in the daytime. Not getting enough rest often incurs headache. We pray that the arms of clock move faster so that we can rush back home to have some sleep. We are on the bed again and insomnia embraces us for another night. That’s crazy, isn’t it? But it often happens among us. Many people will seek advice from family, friends and colleagues. If none of the suggestions works, professional advice will be required. Some people also like to read books see if they can get solutions in a less expensive way. You’re welcome to meet our guests and learn what they do to get a good sleep every night. All photos are from Google Search.

I need a cool bed.

When making a comfortable bed, people often overlook temperature. Do you know what temperature can put you in sleep faster? Many people adjust the body temperature with a warm or a cool bath before sleep. You can also make your bed warmer or cooler. Sit on the bed to read a book or watch TV for a while, heat gathers. If you want the other way round, add a bamboo mat and wipe it with a cold damp cloth before lying down. Place a cold pack at the forehead to expel any heat from the head.

I need a free posture.

Free feel to have hands up and surrender yourself to a good sleep. Sleep as freely as you can. You are not in a live show. Nobody will make fun of you. The worst case is just appearing in the America’s Funniest Home Videos and be admired by the audience. Have you chosen your best killing posture and ready to let others envy you?

Oh! Quiet, please.

Late at night, many activities come to a halt. Silence is supposed to dominate, but always not fully. There are still some sounds to be heard. It may come from the nature such as the trees are blowing in the wind. Or it is an internal one – the ticking of a clock for example. Some people are very sensitive to these sounds. Trust nobody will roar like the lion at midnight, but one’s body may protest silently by refusing to fall asleep and therefore, people have to try eliminating sounds. Some seek help by wearing earplug. Others may change the mechanism or the bed location to shut off the noise.

Do you hear me? I say: “No”

Many people are suffering from great stress that is the major reason why they have insomnia. Humans should try to learn from animals and be stress free as much as possible. This involves not over-burdening yourself. People need to learn when to say: “no” verbally, with body language and even to oneself mentally. Be determined in saying “No”. Don’t get entangled in declined issues. Stop thinking and enjoy a good sleep so that you can have a full recharge that is essential to handle difficult matters in the daytime.

Let’s do some exercise.

Get tired physically could be a blessing since it helps people get asleep fast. Reading before sleep can make eyes get tired easily. If you need to release more energy, let your mind think nothing, but concentrate on the exercise – sit-up and push-up for example.

If you have already tried the above tips and insomnia still haunt you every night, seek professional help for physical and / or mental health the soonest. Hope everyone enjoys a good sleep. If you have any other tips, welcome to share with us. Thank you.


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  1. excellent advice with great pictures, love them all. I want good sleep so these tips are useful.
    Yes, we can learn a lot from animals, that’s why yoga is good as most of the poses were from animals too.

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  8. This is really cute. I would love to learn to sleep like animals. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Good tips. These can help me have a better sleep at night.

  10. the best thing I can do to destress is read. I always read before going to bed. Your advice is also good.

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  28. Amazing tips and very cute pictures you’ve got. I’m having quite a problem with sleeping too. Thank you for the advice ^_^

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