Let No Child Epilepsy Esophageal

Adherence to key treatment for people with epilepsy to achieve good quality of life. If not, then it can lead to epileptic seizures.

Let No Child Epilepsy Esophageal

Adherence to key treatment for people with epilepsy to achieve good quality of life. If not, then it can lead to epileptic seizures.
Moreover, the role of parents in the treatment of children with epilepsy have also become very important. Therefore, compliance in taking antiepileptic drugs can control seizures.
“Attacks are often recurrent seizures due to medication non-compliance will lead to an undamaged brain tissue becomes damaged, which can complicate thetreatment of epilepsy, and even pose a risk to endanger the safety of patients with epilepsy,” said Dr. Irawan Mangunatmadja SpA (K) in a media seminar”Compliance to the treatment For Epilepsy Control ”at the JW Marriot Hotel,Jakarta, (03/21/2012).
Furthermore, Dr. Irawan said that the children who still have a good plasticity ofthe brain will try to repair the damage to the existing network. If the seizurepersists, the plasticity of the brain can not work properly, so the actual tissue damage.
Plasticity of the brain is the brain’s ability to reorganize in the form of a newinterconnection on the nerves. Plasticity is a trait that shows the brain’s capacity tochange and adapt to functional requirements.
These mechanisms include chemical changes in nerves (neurochemical), receiving nerves (neuroreceptive) changes in neuronal structure of the nerve, andbrain organization. Plasticity also occurs in the process of development and maturity of the nervous system. Therefore, the role of parents is very important for people with epileptic children.
“Therefore, parents must pay attention to discipline the child in taking antiepileptic drugs,” he concluded.

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