List of Cognitive Disorders

This is a list of common cognitive disorders.

  1. Alzheimer’s disease-  Alzheimer’s disease is currently classified as a terminal disease. It causes confusion, irritability and aggression, mood swings in the individuals. As the disease progresses, the individual will suffer from short-term memory loss, a breakdown of language, and begin to withdraw from those around him. Eventually, bodily functions will deteriorate which will lead to death.
  2. Delirium- This condition can be caused by conditions outside of the functioning of the brain. Infections that affect systems that clean impurities out of the blood or drug abuse can cause delirium. Delirium is typically acute, and symptoms can consist of disorganized behavior, attention deficits, agitation, or even inability to communicate.
  3. Dementia- This condition is displayed by the onset of mental deteoration that exceeds what is normal by typical aging. It can be attributed to diseases or injuries that affect the brain and can occur in more than just the elderly population.
  4. Amnesia- Amnesia is a condition in which a person has lost their memory. This can be divided into two subsets of amnesia. One group is organic amnesia. In this group of individuals, the memory loss is caused by damage to the brain, through physical injury, neurological disease, or drug abuse. The second group of amnesia suffers is the functional group. In this group, the amnesia is a defense mechanism in which a person will unknowingly forget who they are and start a new life somewhere else. Usually, functional amnesia is associated with some sort of traumatic event.
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  1. Thomas, have you ever experienced or read about two people (married) suffering from Alzheimer’s in unison. I lost both parents to the disease within a six month period and had never known it to strike a couple at the same time.

  2. Actually, I have heard about cases occurring that are quite similar. In certain couples (when certain factors are present), that does happen.
    I think you have brought up a good fact without realizing. Looking at cases where couples have contracted Alzheimer’s together would be excellent way to obtain more useful information about the disease. I do know there have been cases, but I am wandering now if someone has researched those cases like your parents. Definitely, this is something worth looking into a little deeper.

  3. well written

  4. My mother also suffered from amnesia and would invariably fail to recognise even me. But she would remember things of the past vividly.
    This post was informative.

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