Living Dead Disease “A Fact”

Cotard delusion or Living Corpse syndrome which actually is one of the most weird complex brain disease found,which I Labeled "Living dead Disease.This is my artical on one of the most weird disease that human can suffer from,in which patient feel that he is dead.

Hello Friends! Let me tell you one of the most weird Syndrome,probably you never heard it before,It is called “Cotard delusion”. or one would say it “Living Corpse” or you can go by my label to this syndrome “Living dead”. It is neuropsychiatric disorder,probobaly,if you are wondering what is neuropsychiatric?Than,let me tell you what it means:It is science which is related to mental disorders,Now you know that Cotard delusion is mental disorder.Now, Probably, you are asking yourself that, what is this syndrome is all about,Allow me to tell you that, If anybody is suffering from Cotard delusion,They have belief that they are dead,and they don,t have blood or internal organs.More like Living Corpse. Sound weird! than Let,s Continue,this syndrome is named after “Julas Cotard” A french neurologist who described the condition. cotard described that if somebody is suffering from this syndrome than,he can deny his own existance and herhis need for food and later die due to starvation.

                     Cotard delusion is mainly related to another mental state called as Capgras’s syndrome,in which patient feels that hisher family members are replaced by fakes or imposters.As weird it sounds but it is real.


1:-Patient will feel heshe is dead.

2:-Patient will feel heshe  has no internal organs or blood

3:-Patient will feel heshe has no need for food

Now,You may be wondering about what is a treatment to such a weird syndrome,Here is treatment:-

Two drugs is found to cure such syndrome namely:- Tricyclic and serotoninergic antidepressant ,among both serotoninergic antidepressant  is most useful option and Electroconvulsive therapy and Dialectical behavior therapy  are also very much useful to control Cotard delusion.But still Treatment to living coprse syndrome is very difficult. Cotard delusion is most complex, most weird syndrome that can occur to human,in which you feel like dead,one would wonder that such syndrome gave a hollywood an idea of their own fantasy monsters like zombies.

                                                                                     MAY ALLAH”GOD” BLESS US


                                                                                                An artical by

                                                                                             Mr.Faheem Siyal

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  1. Nice write. I am impressed from this

  2. Really interesting article. I have heard of the living dead in horror movies mostly. Thank you Hettie

  3. I never heard of this, great share.

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