Lorenzo’s Oil – Part X: Noteworthy Fact About Lorenzo’s Oil

In the film "Lorenzo’s Oil," Lorenzo managed to stave off his ALD after consuming the drug. Learn how the movie sets a false sense of hope for those already buckling under the genetic mutation’s effects.

          Lorenzo’s Oil may seem to be a miracle worker, but its effects and uses are limited. The drug is most effective when it is given before symptoms of ALD arise. Upon early diagnosis, a doctor can prescribe the oil, thus making him proactive and not reactive – an important trait in the field of medicine. Once symptoms appear, Lorenzo’s Oil may still impede the progression ALD (as in Lorenzo Odone), but the results may not be as promising. The ALD may have already created irreversible damage to ones nerves that giving the oil will only – more like maybe – ceases the progression. Overall, research like that of Dr. Hugo will eventually make diagnosis of ALD much simpler and quicker, providing much more reliable treatment to those unfortunate patients.    

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