Low Cholesterol Diet

Excess cholesterol in the blood is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. When the system becomes faulty regulation of cholesterol, it is customary to adopt, before any medication, a diet low in cholesterol.

Endogenous and exogenous

Most cholesterol is produced by the liver that is what is called the endogenous cholesterol.Exogenous cholesterol is provided by food. The amounts vary from 300 to 700 mg. The goal is then to minimize this food supply.

Plan easy to follow

A low cholesterol diet should not consist only of prohibitions. Physicians often tend to play the ayatollahs and to give a list of prohibited regardless of the comforts of life. A difference of 30 or 50 mg of dietary cholesterol may not be dramatic because the compensation can be done from one day to another. The low cholesterol diet should definitely be compatible with daily life, eating out or with friends or it will be quickly abandoned. It must also ensure adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, if the diet is unbalanced and mini-gaps can be installed that are tired and unhealthy.

The main principles

It should of course avoid all foods rich in cholesterol that is to say those who make more than 120 to 130 mg per 100 g. That is to say:

Offal (400 to 1800 mg for the brain) and charcuterie
Butter and egg yolk (260/270 mg)
Cream (125 mg) and fermented cheeses (100 to 150 mg)
We adopt the olive oil as main fat as its main fatty acid, oleic acid is beneficial against cholesterol. And can be used for its sandwiches, one of many cholesterol-lowering margarines marketed. In meat, we choose the leanest cuts, so low in cholesterol (about 65 mg) and poultry (including the fat contains oleic acid), and gives pride to the fish. We eat lots of vegetables, and grains that do not contain at all. In other words, it puts into practice the protective Mediterranean diet.
In practice

In a diet low in cholesterol, the only foods to avoid are really the brain and kidneys. We also provides scrapers, tartiflettes, cheese fondues: you can live in that abstinence without life is turned upside down. As for shellfish, they are usually banned from a low cholesterol diet because they are very rich. However, it is mainly in the head, which is rarely eaten, and not in the flesh. No need to deprive themselves of shrimp! and even less at holiday time lobster or crayfish. To achieve a cholesterol free diet, you must simply learn to compensate and manage the differences and especially do not live in the forbidden. It indulges in gluttony for meat or fish with a Béarnaise sauce or cream? We love an omelette of herbs or fried eggs? We eat fish at every meal the next day and the following days and we completely forget to eat only cheese yogurt or cottage cheese.

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