Lung Cancer

This shocking epidemic, if left untreated, will kill more and more people each year.

The most common type of cancer people get from smoking is lung cancer. It is caused when a growth of abnormal cells starts to form in the lungs. Lung cancer does not only infect people who smoke but, smoking increases your chances of getting it greatly. Deaths from lung cancer are on the rise.

Lung cancer forms because of abnormal cells that form in the lungs. The abnormal cells rapidly make copies of themselves covering the lungs with lumps of cancer of tumors. These tumors make it harder for the person with them to breathe, as the cancer progresses it becomes even harder to breathe.

Lung cancer doesn’t only infect people who smoke. More than 87% of lung cancers are caused because of smoking, but not all smokers develop lung cancer. Quitting smoking reduces an individual’s risk significantly, although people who smoked before remain at greater risk for lung cancer than people who never smoked.

Lung cancer is claiming more and more lives each year. Lung cancer takes more lives every year than any other cancer and more lives than breast and prostate cancers combined. Also an estimated 172,570 cases of lung cancer were diagnosed in 2005. An estimated 163,510 Americans died in 2005 because of lung cancer that is 28% of smoking related deaths that year.

Lung cancer kills more men than prostate cancer does, and kills more women than breast cancer does. Though cases of most cancers are declining, the cases of lung cancer are on the rise. Between 1960 and 1990, deaths from lung cancer among women increased by more than 400%. Lung cancer is also the second most common cancer among African American men and women, and kills more African Americans than any other cancer does. African American men are at least 50% more likely to develop lung cancer than Caucasian men.

So all in all lung cancer kills hundreds of thousands of Americans every year, and it is the only cancer which is rising.

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