Maag Tricks Exposed Persons Should Eat Small Meals But Often

One of the diseases encountered by the urban community is an ulcer. To reduce or prevent symptoms, ulcer patients are advised to eat small meals but frequently.

“People with chronic gastritis are advised to eat a small frequency of feeding, so eat small portions but more often,” said Dr. Hayatun Nufus, SpPD of the RSCM in the Expert Consultation Center Press Conference on Field Gastric Al-Azhar Mosque.

dr said Hayatun digestive process runs about 4-6 hours, so if you do have heartburn it is advisable to bring food in a bag or purse as a healthy cracker.

Further described tract is a complex process which involves the digestive enzymes, complex nerve and also the kinetic or stretching.

If a person eats too much then the consequences will stretch the stomach, stretching itself had made a condition of abdominal fullness or feel compelled. It also makes the stomach acid increases arising as a result of complaints such as bloating, nausea, pain in the gut that is a symptom of an ulcer.

Another thing to consider is to try to eat slowly, because if a person eats in a hurry and coupled with a large portion of it will be a lot of food is not digested thereby triggering the onset of symptoms.

“This condition applies when an ulcer patient is fasting, it is advisable not to overeat when dawn would break even. When a break is suggested a small portion first and then followed by a large meal after sunset prayers,” he said.

In addition, some types of food or beverages should also be considered by the patient’s ulcer such as avoiding foods that contain lots of gas (mustard, cabbage), fruits such as bananas and figures, soft drinks, alcohol and full cream milk.

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