Many Children May Increase The Risk of Stroke

There’s good news for you, who have four or more children. Because a woman who had several children, are more likely to die from a stroke. Identified with high loads,despite the many children, it also has a positive effect on the health of women.

Many children may increase the risk of stroke

There’s good news for you, who have four or more children. Because a woman who had several children, are more likely to die from a stroke. Identified with high loads,despite the many children, it also has a positive effect on the health of women.

The 1,300 women in California, the University of California, is the result of researchby a team. The women, four or more children, the risk of dying from a stroke, haveamounted to 50 percent.

This, perhaps more because of these hormones during pregnancy to investigators.The effect is very positive for the blood vessels. Afterwards, many families with children, very close to each other and support each other, is very good for heart health.

“Women in the study, an increased risk of death due to CVD (cardiovasculardisease) is less than or more than four times when they are pregnant,” Marniresearchers Jacoobs is copied from the dass

Causal Jacoobs detail the system is not exactly known. However, probably duemmencerminkan births per woman has a healthy body. Similar positive effects of exposure during pregnancy, estrogen and other hormones to the circulation.

“Physical changes due to long-term effects on the pregnancy of a woman’s health, but the risk of cardiovascular disease considerably more research is needed.” S, “Professor Donald Peebles, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of the RoyalCollege, said a spokesman.

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