Melatonin – Foods for Better Sleep

Were you aware that certain foods can assist you in getting in a better night’s sleep? Yes, here is the short version…

Instead of popping an over-the-counter sedative, downing a glass of wine, or fixing a mixed cocktail, why not try fighting insomnia or that feeling of sleeplessness through some great foods and obtain a higher level of melatonin?  Melatonin is the answer to your sleeping issues.

There has been a lot of buzz concerning the antioxidant Melatonin.   Melatonin controls your internal clock and most of us are unaware that with some simple foods we can reset our bodies to similar to an electric alarm clock that can be set and reset, your body’s is adjustable as well.

Some studies have excellent results with increased levels of Melatonin-filled foods, which indicate that those individuals, who drank 1 ounce of cherry juice twice daily for an entire week, were able to gain an extra 25 minutes of sleep every night.   Tart cherry juice has tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid which converts into serotonin, which then turns into melatonin.  What a fete!

So, the outcome is that the melatonin is able to stabilize your waking patterns and also sleeping patterns by regulating the chemicals in the body which make you feel either drowsy or alert.  This is a natural means and something which is much healthier and safer than taking alcohol or pills.    

Many people suffer from the lack of a good night’s sleep for different reasons.  If you have problems with insomnia, suffer from jet leg or have a tough time coming home from that swing shift job, or worse yet, suffer from a bout of sleeplessness, you may have great results with incorporating some useful and well-known foods into your diet.  The increase of melatonin levels can surely help you overcome your mixed up status with your internal clock and your routine!  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Try these tips and perhaps you will have a better day – real soon!

Along with the tart cherries, there are a handful of other melatonin-producing foods you can eat to increase your levels and obtain similar results.  These foods will boost your melatonin levels the most:

1.   Raspberries

2. Almonds

3. Sunflower Seeds

4. Tart Cherries

5. Flax Seeds

6. Strawberries

If you do not have any of these food items on hand, take a quick run to the market and grab some sunflower seeds, almonds and some berries and start nibbling for your rest!

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  3. Excellent article as always. And I will be sure to try some of these and pass on to loved ones! Sleep seems to be lacking for me recently.

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  7. This is useful to know, Kitty. Half a glass of baileys usually does it for me but this article gives a healthier option. :)

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  12. You can also buy natural melatonin dietary supplemants. I have used those before, and they work magic!! They’re completely natural and non addictive, and they’re a lifesaver when you need a good night’s sleep.

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